My Goals: Near and Far


As I continue to work on myself, and work towards being able to live the life that I want and deserve – I find that little lists are popping up every where. Post its, widget lists, in the margins of my journal.

Why not share them and hopefully cross them off.

Places I Want to Travel To

  • United Kingdom and Ireland (2 months at the very least)
  • Australia (For as long as Sassy will let me!)
  • South Korea (2 weeks)
  • India
  • Nepal
  • Tibet
  • Brazil
  • Norway


Things I Want to Do

  • Road Trip! From the East Coast to the West Coast.
  • Design my own fashion line
  • Replace any and all RTW (ready to wear) items from my wardrobe and have it be entirely ‘me-made’
  • Participate in Me-Made-May 2015
  • Go to school and at the least get a Master’s in something. Anything.


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