Eventual Blog Posts


Now that my laptop is was fixed and I have a brand spankin’ new library card, I can finally knock out all these blog posts topics that have been adding up over the last few months.

My laptop kicked the dust for the last time about a month after this page was created and after being spoiled with a full-size keyboard, any and all posts are generally spontaneous. Hopefully, eventually the posts will be knocked off in time.

As I publish a topic from this page it will be stricken, but left here as a kinda pat on the back for actually completing something for once.

About That Bipolar Thing

  1. Black Box and What I thought
  2. The Unquiet Mind VS Bipolar Survival Guide
  3. #IWillListen
  4. Mental Illness Stigma and How it Has Effected Me
  5. My diagnosis as Bipolar Severe  ( I really should do an updated post about my updated Dx as Bipolar I.)
  6. Agoraphobia and what it really is.



  1. So many dresses… uh, I mean, UFO’s!
  2. My baby, Shelly.
  3. My current Sewing Library.
  4. How I organize my space.
  5. What I have learned in the couple of years I have been sewing.


Disney and All Its Wonders

  1. Epcot’s Flower and Garden Festival 2014
  2. Favorite places to eat in the World

If you ever have a topic you would like to hear me write about, please feel free to either comment below or even just email me at LaraInStitchesBlog@gmail.com!


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