I Come Back To You


I write this post with Michael Buble crooning in my ear. I have been working on a few things since the last time I saw y’all.

One of my friends developed severe carpal tunnel syndrome in her left hand at work. She would wear the immobilizer and be good, but from my vast experience with my own joint pain be it JRA or the tendons that tore in my wrist, that the immobilizer wouldn’t be enough especially during the cold snaps. So I set on developing a pattern for a wrist snuggie. Something soft, with light support and will sufficiently keep the joint warm and in her case fit over her immobilizer.


I traced my hand and roughly sketched where I wanted the snug to sit. I eventually added an extra two inches to the outside of my palm and just an inch abd a half on the inside by my thumb.

That’s just the muslin, I plan to add Velcro to one side to make it easy to put on with one hand. And a cute fashion fabric with the fleece lining so she will want to actually wear it. Haha.

I haven’t had a SINGLE shift this entire month. Not one. That fact has been sitting in the back of my mind this entire month as I have yet another huge medical bill due on Christmas day of all days. And phone bill the next day. I won’t be able to pay either. So I’m expecting my phone to be turned off. And seeing as how I don’t have a computer or internet, I’ll be losing more than just a phone. Any shifts I picked up last month seeing as I wasn’t scheduled any last month either were via people contacting me on my phone.

We’ll just have to see what happens.

Anyways, yesterday I dyed my hair. I’ve had stuff from sally’s waiting for close to…. a month and half now. In case work said  the red needed to go. …right then. Haha. But seeing as how I haven’t even been working? But anyways, my roots were going in, and I have very ash toned hair so it looked like I had a full head of grays growing in. Not a good look.

So half a tube of one n only medium and light chocolate respectively wound me up with this.




It is just a red brown now. I was hoping for a full on brunette like last time when I just used light chocolate, but I guess I need to use something darker this time. Oh well.

Oven just went off. Gotta go! Till next time

Drafted and posted using my Samsung Galaxy SIII. Please do forgive any typographical errors.

Hand Picking


Hello there!

So, if any of y’all follow me on Twitter you may have heard about a little incident that may have caused some frustration this past Saturday night. I thankfully was able to save it for the most part, but I will be having to reinforce most of the seams and maybe add an extra length of fabric along the inside of the zipper bed so I can redo the stitching on the Hummingbird Dress.

Anywho, this prompted me to kick into gear and bang out another dress out of some red tag fabric I had picked up from Jo Anns a while back! This pretty neat print with some lotus blossoms and the like.

Koto Grid

     As this was an on-the-fly-I-can’t-even-find-the-pattern-instructions-anymore dress, I decided the say screw it and wing quite a bit of it. This presented itself mostly in way of inserting the zipper.

Now, I have a supreme and utter crippling fear of inserting zippers. I’m as jumpy as a grasshopper in May. Stories of needles breaking, needles breaking people, and bobbin cases cracking have all played a part. So when I came upon Tasia’s tutorial on how to Hand-pick a zipper into a dress a few weeks ago, I thought this was the perfect opportunity.

It is actually very simple as long as you know how to perform a back stitch! I also learned this technique from my favorite Designer and DIY…er from YouTube, SecretLifeOfABionerd thanks to her many sewing tutorials.

20130429_143158 (675x900)

     All it took for me to figure it out was to think as I naturally do, which is backwards. I am constantly translating things to being read or perceived in the manner they should rather than backwards or jumbled. To complete a back stitch just take your (hand sewing) needle and bring through from the underside of the fabric about a 1/4″ from where you actually would normally start. Then, take your needle and make a stitch back at the point where you would normally start your sewing. Thus a backwards stitch. Supposedly this is a much more sturdy stitch and if you were hand sewing a garment from start to finish, this is the stitch you should use.

And a prick stitch is just a back stitch that is teensy weensy on the actual back stitch part.

…. By no means is this a tutorial! I would be much more clear minded and provided pictures of the process.

So, please forgive my rambling and crappy explanations. 😀

20130429_143141 (675x900)

        There was so much more control and ease in inserting this zipper that I actually found it quite calming and relaxing. I am looking forward to the next zipper I have to install! It was very easy for me to adjust the tape really just take my time with it. When I am using a machine, I am so terrified I just want it done with! So, I zip whoop pun! through it and I am not too happy with the results.

20130429_143410 (675x900)

     As you can see there is quite a bit of tangled thread, uneven application and the top of the tape was not done is such good taste. I found even using the universal invisible zipper foot I found, it just wasn’t easy! It may have also been because of my feed dogs. They started to actually feed the fabric… sideways. I kid you not. Kinda like testing the alignment of your car.

     “Look, Ma! No hands!” And if you your car is like any of the ones I have had in my possession, they will almost always slide to the right or left. Beauty of living down country dirt roads. Lotsa, lotsa sugar sand.

     And that is exactly what my machine did. I always thought perhaps it was just the table I was using since it is slightly wobbly and unstable. I would always have to have a firm hand and feel like I was feeding a line through a reel.

20130429_143422 (675x900)

     Even down towards the end here you can see that it was indeed rough. But with the hand-picked zipper, this prick stitch is barely visible and still adds this cute little dotted detail. …I also have a weird eye for things.

20130429_143522 (675x900)

20130429_143608 (675x900)

20130429_143528 (675x900)

     I don’t know exactly how I am going to fix this raveling issue for the poor Hummingbird Dress, but hopefully I will. Cause I love this dress. Lots. We have this special bond, ya know?

     How would you guys fix something like this? Have you ever tried a prick stitch or hand-picked zipper?

     ….I really shouldn’t be asking this for my own sake but I want to know! Do you have any zipper horror stories?

          Til next time!

Heck if I know!


So,  yesterday,  I spent a good part of my time wrapping old washer rings for pattern weights and sewing a pair of shorts I had jury rigged a pattern for.

I got the jist,  but I am not perfect at them yet. The waist band seems to be very lose just at the back and making darts doesn’t seem to fix it!

So,  I move on for a moment. I found a link to a tutorial for a very awesome dress. It seems simple enough and the entire theory behind it is trial and error,  finding out what works for you!  Which is perfect for me!  Cause that is how my mind works.  Haha.


I may not have such a unique and gorgeous panel of fabric but I suppose that is just as well seeing as how I will probably have to do it over and over again! I am slightly worried about when I have to rip out the seams since I am using a box cutter at the moment because I broke my seam ripper a few days ago. I didn’t even know you could do that!


I am going to make my first few tries out of this fabric since for whatever reason my mom had about 11 yards of it! But the moment I saw that dress, a different fabric came to mind straight away.

This light creamy pink brocade that had been added to the collection about four years ago. I only have about three yards of this however so my mistake bank doesn’t exactly have a lot of room.

Wish me luck! I have a feeling that bodice piece and those darts are going to give me the most trouble…