Much has not changed in the last few days. I am still greatly exhausted, and yet sleep continues to evade me. I still have just two more finals left. Both of them are online in Blackboard, and should be relatively easy and then I will officially be done for this semester.


…. And I just realized I have to go to the campus tomorrow to do my paperwork for Financial aid. Crap. I forgot, forgot, and forgot. Darn it. Well, okay then. I should do the online stuff before I forget as well. Shoot.

See? I need sleep. My brain is so scattered and all over the place while my body is dragging along. This upcoming semester is definitely going to be a challenge. I have three classes that will be finished in just seven weeks. That is less than two months. I will have to really buckle down this summer if I want to get the same kind of scores I did this past semester.

I’m so tired. 

         I saw my psychiatrist for the first time in three months, and he said he was surprised. Surprised how such a stressful environment such as going to school full time, seemed to actually be helping, and dramatically so. He told me to call him when I needed a refill on my anxiety medication, and sent me on my way to see him in four months.

I need sleep.

         I began writing this post since I felt I needed to reach out and connect with people. I feel like I have not been able to really do that, lately. Once again, my brain is scattered in the wind.

         There are some ideas in my head for a few projects, but I will need to work on them, and flesh them out first before I really talk on the topic.

         I am off to do some paperwork. Yay.


I took this a couple weeks ago at the Flower and Garden Festival in Epcot.


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