Time to Catch Up


Hey there, everyone,


First of all: I made it into college. After some amazing coordination with the Office of Disabilities and admissions, I was granted residency status with a signed affidavit from my mother.

My fifth week of class is approaching and I have mostly settled into a groove. Some things are still choppy but it is getting there! Part of going to school meant getting internet and a new laptop so I could do all of my homework and assignments. Literally, I have been using my phone to work on Excel and type assignments on the old laptop using an on screen keyboard thatย sometimes worked. Plus it was sent to me by my ex. While most of the items from that relationship in my possession are being treated on a, “Voldemort,” basis – that laptop needs to go.

And by Voldemort, I mean – in the Harry Potter series a big component was fighting the fear of a name. “He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named,” and, “The Dark Lord.” But you shouldn’t show fear of a name. So fear of baseball cap. Disney pins I bought him but never got the chance to send. They do not send me into tears but I will not let them control my emotions and reactions. The key chain he bought me the last time he was here in Florida has been removed. A Stitch Pillow pet has been donated to the dogs.

He had cheated on me. How many times total… I do not know. But he lied when he did call to break up – citing mental health. However, Facebook always bites people in the ass. Especially if they are apparently not very intelligent. He let this new girl tag him as in a relationship since 3 AM, Christmas morning. But just didn’t make it visible on his page. We broke up on the 7th of this month. January.

Moving on. In both topic and chapter in my life. My life now resolves almost entirely around school. School, my pets, my parents and therapy. Not necessarily in that order. I do not have time to sew much anymore. Nor draw or paint. I hope to rectify that soon but I still have to figure out and learn proper time management before I can let that hobby take up time in my schedule.

I hope to be more active on here as time continues on. I have a very nice Asus Q552 to work on now so that should definitely help! I hated composing posts on my phone. Such a pain in the butt.