Everything, Yet Nothing


A lot has happened and yet nothing has happened since my last post.

I did call the line at Cigna and ask for help. While I had expected to just talk to someone on the phone, they instead made an appointment for me with a therapist near by as it wouldn’t cost anything as part of the EAP program.

I believe it was a Friday when I called and the following Monday was the appointment. Her office was only eight minutes away. When you have to drive at least fifteen minutes to get to the closest gas station, that was mind boggling. Her office is actually a little shed, nice, with a wooden structure and windows. Oh, and A/C. That is very important. It is next to a set of stables that house two horses she uses as part of her practice.

We have met up for four appointments so far, once a week. And I really like her so far. There hasn’t been any hard hitting or focused plan but just discussing and learning about my illnesses.

I don’t really know what else to say. Things are stressful and keep being stressful. I’m waking up in the middle of panic attacks in my sleep. Crying every day.

When things change… I’ll let you know.

This post was drafted and published using the WordPress App for Android on my Galaxy S4. There are more than likely spelling or grammatical errors I may have missed before posting. Please forgive them, this is just a personal blog.


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