It is an emergency


I stabbed myself with a pencil today.

Not deep but.

I called the emergency line from my insurance.

I am spiraling out of control. Doing horrible things.

I only hurt and destroy everyone and everything I come in contact with.

They’re going to call me back with an appointment with someone, some where.

My mom isn’t answering her phone.

I’m in a dangerous place.

Someone posted to Instagram “a woman with a beautiful body is good for a night. A woman with a beautiful mind is good for a lifetime.”

What if you have neither? Not to even get started on my physical flaws, but my mind is rotted and disfigured.

I’m good for nothing.

This post was drafted and published using the WordPress App for Android on my Galaxy S4. There are more than likely spelling or grammatical errors I may have missed before posting. Please forgive them, this is just a personal blog.

Kim, from Verizon


Here’s the low down. For the past few days, possibly four days, I have been getting phone calls, voicemails, text messages and strange app verification codes.

Want to know why? Because a rep at Verizon gave another woman my number. She promised the other party would be able to keep her old number which was 4100 as opposed to my 1400. And she then gave her my number somehow. At first the other party didn’t think too much of it from what she told me because it was such a small difference until I started answering those calls meant for her.

So, there is now another person with my phone number.

Those of you may know I am on a prepaid phone. We do not have a customer service available.

There have been countless phone calls back and forth between what I assume is the other party husband’s phone number since you know,  can’t call the same number. This woman has been very polite and it honestly is not her fault.

However, Kim ****** at Verizon. I am looking at you.

The first day this all came to light, the other party informed that the associate who made this blunder would possibly want to call me, just in case.

After I hung up the phone I went to go explain what was going on to my parents and to Mike so they would be prepared in case they tried calling me and instead got ahold of the other party. In that ten minutes (text to Mike, and a quick discussion with my parents), I had received yet another unknown (to me) local phone call.

So, I promptly called them back and was greeted with, “Hi! This is Kim ******.”

“Hi, yes, my name is Lara. I believe you may have been trying to reach me?”

She quickly denied that and hung up the phone.



On the 27th, I received another call but I believe that was it and since I was taking a nap it went straight to voicemail. I do not call these numbers back.

But since then, the calls and texts had stopped so I figured the issue had been resolved.

As you all may also know, I have been severely ill the last couple weeks. Constant and severe nausea and vomiting especially in the last cpuple days.

I go to lie down for hopefully a nap shortly before 1400, just as I was relaxing and the spinning was stopping I receive another phone call.

It was Kim from Verizon.

To inform me that unless I call customer service (which I do not have!) I would be forced to give up my number.

Because of her blunder.

Sorry,  no.

I have been extremely, EXTREMELY,  polite and understanding with the other woman and her effected family as they have reflected the same for me as they are just as inconvenienced.

After expressing that no, I do not have access to customer service and that I would not be giving up my number that all of my medical, family and their medical contacts that I have had for over a year; she hung up after saying she was going to try figuring something else out.

I then called the AT&T store in Mt Dora, whom didn’t even identity themselves when they answered – great training there, of course had never heard of a scenario before and could only suggest I call 611 the “Go Phone Mall”.

I thanked him for his time and hung up to call and rant to my mother – as you do.

Well Kim. It has been almost an hour. As in less than ten minutes since you hung up.


Kim called me! At almost exactly an hour.

Where she said she was going to send the other party a new phone, shut off her number and give her and new number and credit her for her inconvenience, BUT I still have a risk of losing my number as well.

“That is truly lovely. And I and I am glad you are doing that for her. But what of my inconvenience? I am the one receiving the numerous phone calls, texts, and app verification codes. Plus my number!”

“Oh you are not with Verizon. There isn’t anything I cannot do.”

“Nonsense. Something will be done about this. This is beyond unprofessional.”

“There is nothing I can do!”

“Right, what is your location. I want to speak to see your supervisor.”

“I gotta go. I gotta go. I gotta go!”

And she hung up on me.

Yeah, she hung up on me

So called my mom, once again – as as you do.

Then I called an AT&T store, locally for advice, to which she said call Verizon, which I then tried but realized I wouldn’t be able to access an agent as I am not a Verizon customer.

I then figured, why not try calling one of of the of the two numbers Kim had used to call me. Maybe one was for a store?

“Hi this is Kim!”

*internally* Fuck.

“Hi, Kim, this is Lara. I want to speak to your supervisor.”

“I don’t have a supervisor.”

“Excuse me?”

“I don’t have a supervisor.”

“How is that possible. No. I want to speak to your supervisor, now. This is beyond out of control and you have been unbelievably unprofessional. This is bad. This is BAD.”

And with increasing volume she said, “Lara.  Lara. Lara!”

“Hold on just and minute!”

And once again; “I gotta go. I gotta go!”

And And she hung up on me. AGAIN.

So, I then called a local Verizon retailer and and told the story again, and all he could suggest was calling Verizon customer service and told me how I could dial in and by pass and and be directly connected to to an agent.

It took a couple tries but it worked and the agent was very attentive as I told the story again and like everyone else had no idea how this was possible.

Jared, we will call you, thank you for being a proper and professional agent of your company. I really appreciated it.

In the end I gave him the two phone numbers she used to call me, as well as her name. He then went to I I believe it is called “Port control”? That handles number assignment. They said the number on their side was already canceled and I should be fine already it never fully transferred over to them anyways.

He also said that he would file what was called a “360 report” that would reach her supervisor.

I mean come on. The woman isn’t CEO of Verizon. She has a freaking supervisor.

I am going to be fuming at this this for a long time. And guess what?

P.s. I bet there are errors and typos but I have been writing this over two and a half hours so I don’t really care at this point.


I’ve never wanted someone fired before.

I want her fired.

This was beyond unprofessional and a demonstration of horrific ethics in my opinion! 

This post was drafted and published using the WordPress App for Android on my Galaxy S4. There are more than likely spelling or grammatical errors I may have missed before posting. Please forgive them, this is just a personal blog.