I have been wondering…


Where does the line for mental health lay? Where someone is excusable for their actions while under the influence of a mental disorder or illness and when does that allowance end?

Generally you forgive someone for sneezing on you possibly while they have a cold. It’s gross, it is nasty and an all around “Do Not Do”. But it happens if you are sick. You can only control it so much.

So episodes in relation to Bipolar Disorder, Anxiety or even hallucinogenic episodes from Bipolar Disorder or Schizophrenia to give a few as they personally effect me. Where do you give the person leeway for what happens and where they are expected to simply not.

I guess that is a big debate with say the Sandy Hook shooting and Aurora, Colorado shootings. Obviously both perpetrators were very mentally ill but there is zero sympathy. Please don’t be confused, I am one that feels their mental health is no excuse but nor do I entirely believe that their disorders were the main reason behind their actions.

I know none of this really makes sense but mental health and its interactions with societal concepts fascinate me. This has really been on my mind.

Last night I made the mistake of reading about the Nanking Massacre and Unit 731. While I do not believe these atrocious acts should not be hidden, I really wish I hadn’t read about them.


The content of the articles linked is extremely graphic in nature with plenty of photographic evidence for even the skeptics. Decide if you want to read them at your own risk. I’m not joking.

I have this bad habit. I know I am essentially a light weight when it comes scary things. It does not take much to terrify me. Well, I guess when you walk around seeing demons and monsters every where you that “it isn’t real, they can’t hurt you” factor that is counted on to not traumatize you is sort of null and void. Anyways. Scary movies. Books. I know I cannot have anything to do with these things. And I usually don’t. I don’t watch the movies. I don’t read the books.

…but I do go on Wiki and read the hell out of the pages.

I have a compulsion where any and all questions have to answered and of course the more questions I get lead to more answers which leads to a never ending cycle of questions. And I absolutely have to know. Sometimes fighting this urge is worse than just giving in.

It was like a train wreck reading about the massacre. I spent the next ten hours hallucinating about what I read. And whenever I closed my eyes instead of seeing the events, I would feel them. Smell the decay of the bodies. Taste the blood in the air. Feel the terror in my pores.

Most people believe hallucinations are only what they see. That it is like dreaming, you are only seeing and not really experiencing. I can assure you. You can experience hallucinations more immersive than the latest virtual technology equipped with a scent chamber and even a little air gun for your first person shooter games.

If I dwell too much, I am sent straight back into what I read.

Thar lead to me thinking what makes it okay for people to believe they can treat another thing like this. I’m quite soft hearted so if I didn’t like bacon as much and have such weak willpower I would be a vegetarian. But to do this to another animal or human being?

Babies were ripped from their mother’s womb as they were being raped and the fetuses were stabbed with bayonets and tossed aside. Children were literally cut open to be raped. People were buried alive. The numbers depending if you are talking with Japan or China vary anywhere from between I think either 20,000/40,000 to 300,000 people were killed in the Nanking Massacre.

Some of the people behind the initialization of this war crime were tried and executed but the main perp was granted full imunity and had entire deniability due to his relationship in the imperial family. I mean, John Rabe, a member of the Nazi party (I only skimmed his page regrettably. I can’t remember if he was relatively high ranking within the party or not) was credited to possibly saving more than 250,000 lives with his actions. If I am wrong on the number forgive me. This is a last effort to flush the information from my mind after doing my best to forget and repress for the past 18 hours. I mean, if the Nazis are saying what you are doing is wrong to non-aryans…?

Unit 731 conducted medical experiments even worse than Mengele’s in my opinion. The Nazi experiments seemsled to have been simply much more documented and almost proud (the scientists themselves) of their discoveries and work. Japan was much more protective of their findings as from what I read I believe the Nazis were looking for ways to treat their own soldiers in a majority of their published experiments while the Japanese were seeking to just fuck with the human body. Neither used anesthesia. Japan removed the stomach of a person to connect their esophagus and intestines to see what would happen. Just. Why? How does that help their efforts? Other than the doctors own curiosity and the best way to torture and destory a person and population.


They created a bleeping flea bomb filled with bubonic plague carrying fleas to drop in China.

In the end unlike with the Doctor’s Trial, the people behind Unit 731 were granted full imunity as the USA wanted to utilize what was discovered and keep it out of Soviet hands (according to wiki so bear with me).

While in actuality, I wanted any and all information they had procured destoryed, I still wanted them all to pay. You can’t do that. It is horrendous and just…

I’m going to be having nightmares for a long time about this.

What are your thoughts on the responsibility of those with mental illness?

I was not taught this in school beyond a brief mentioning of Mengele. My school was more focused on FCAT scores so we worked almost entirely out of workbooks that did not hold much.

Drafted and posted using my Samsung Galaxy SIII. Please do forgive any typographical errors. Especially towards the end here. My right hand was going numb for holding the phone for the last hour asn I typed. Whoops.


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