Another Dream… Thing


Yet another house. But this time I have a younger brother living with me. It has always just been the two of us. My ‘memories’ never mentioned a mother, or even one that had ever existed. Brief thoughts of a father passed when the younger of us was just an infant.

But all of a sudden every morning on our porch, a man began showing up with an old school revolver and gave it to us keeping one of his own. Each having a single bullet in the chamber. He would then aim for us while we ran for cover. When he missed, he left, leaving the gun he gave to us behind.

It had like this for about a month.

Never had we tried to return fire. Until one day this gunman grazed my arm. It was decided hide and seek was over. For some reason it was we were going to shoot him, not that I was going to shoot him. I mean, this younger brother of mine was maybe ten, if that.

So the next morning I’m supposed to say that we were ready for this stranger. Had the gun, and I was ready. But I definitely wasn’t. Guns terrified me. I was even more terrified of failing. That I would miss and lose our only bullet and this nightmare (ironic) would continue. Even with all my nerves, I was standing on that porch at ten in the morning when the sun lined up with plants I had hanging from the beams. Then this (idiotic) brother decided he was going to shoot the gunman. I don’t know why I handed the gun over but I did. He misses, of course. I grab the gun back and we run into the house. When the door slammed, that’s when splinters and gun shots started going off everywhere. I guess when we shot back, it kinda got rid of the ‘one shot off’ courtesy.

Eventually they stopped. I don’t know if the gunman had an automatic strapped to his back but bullet holes and resulting damage was everywhere. I placed the gun with zero ammo inside on the floor and look for this necklace. It was actually quite pretty. On a delicate silver chain with a patina, hung a pendant or amulet. It was around the size of a silver dollar with an amber and red resting amongst the silver filigree that was its resting spot.

At that point, I just closed my hand around the pendant and thought of the need for help. The need for someone to help me fix this. An image of a small river that was nearby surfaced amongst my thoughts and I figured if the heebeejeebee magic worked, that was the best sign. No, there were no special lights or blowing wind. Just me standing there looking like an idiot with my eyes closed in the middle of the room.

So I grabbed my brother and dragged him the few miles or so to this river bed. Of course this is a dream that for once kindly allowed me to skip a part. Murder? Nope. You’ve got to ‘see’ this. Rape? VIP seats! Suicide? You have the starring role.

We get to the river bed and there is a small ship waiting. Ship, not boat. Ship. Think yo ho, yo ho. There is a woman in the water standing in the shallows while a man stood on the bow of the ship. They seemed to be nice. They did offer to clear out that nasty river grass I cannot stand. And I mean, cannot stand. If there is river grass, whether it is in a spring or lake or whatever, I will not swim there. No sir, no thank you.

At the back of my mind I knew something was up because so far everyone and everything had been much too nice. Too freaking nice. Gunman giving us a gun and bullet of our own. Only shooting once and leaving. Easily finding help and now the turn down service.

The grass is gone so I get in the water to talk to them. She was standing but the water was well over ten feet where she was. Cheating, obviously. So I swam just a touch further to where a log happened to be for me to stand on near here. No, she was not on a log or rock herself. She’s just a magical fairy princess thing with a pirate ship that reminded me a lot of Mulan. Accept it.

So we came all this way, I’m soaking wet and we get to the part where they were going to help us. At this point all that magical ‘Oh yeah’ moments start happening. Where you remember a lot of important bits. Like the fact your father is or was some kind of godly royalty and his mother, my grandmother, wanted him dead. As far as she knew, he was.

Their big help was… nothing. Really. Yeah, I was confused, too.

It has nearly been an hour since I woke up and began writing this so details are starting to fade. I hate it when this happens.

We get out of the water and where the little Prince sits all nice and dry, he reiterates he needs to be the one to shoot the gunman. Who may or may not show up again the next day or choose to pick us off with a sniper rifle.

This time I say no. You’re funny. Ain’t happenin’.

The scene ends and the new chapter is that the mother found us. She came through the portal by the river with the whole shebang. Soldiers, banner holders, people to carry her. I’m sure if she had a fourth cousin, third removed, he’d have been there. Anyways, before unknown, was that there was a sort of festival/downtown between the house and the river in a country faire. She had sent ahead a band that was stationed all over the area to take us out. Akin to lone gunman it was more a game for her than admiring. She was like the Evil Queen of Candyland. I was having caramel apples shot at me through cannons. Which freakin hurt by the way. A solid apple with a nice rock coating. You take one to the ribs then talk to me. I’m racing and hiding (now we are back to usual) and I have pieces of solidified caramel shrapnel embedded in my skin. Wrong day to wear shirt and shorts.

Eventually I make my way back to the river figuring to go back through the portal she left in and face her head on. On the road to the river, I am tired. I am wounded. And I couldn’t run anymore. But I had to. So I grabbed a nearby guy that was apparently (I hoped. Really hard) was on my side and told him to ruin while holding my hand so it was either run or be dragged. So he does. But she’s gone. The portal is gone. But she left plenty of crazy people with bats of both the wooden and aluminium variety to beat me to death with. I was trapped with no where to go. One caught me on the back of my leg and down I went. By this time I had been waking up and falling back asleep continuously for the last six hours or so and decided enough was enough. When I was taken down and woke up soon after, I stayed awake. I’m not falling back asleep the ‘live’ (cause y’know, I’m going to die) through the experience of being beaten to death.

Bloody frickin’ houses.

Drafted and posted using my Samsung Galaxy SIII. Please do forgive any typographical errors.


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