Dreams of Home


I keep having this dream. In small variations. But it involves this large, grandiose house in a remote area. Sometimes I’d be moving in with friends or friends of friends. But last night it was for some reason my parents (specifically my mom) said they had to buy it but weren’t going to use it. And showed me the closing paperwork.

So I show up to this house and the drive way is over grown, and there are all these damp cardboard boxes filled with flyers. Almost all of them were of the political variety featuring the same couple on their own respective adverts. But one box was nearly empty with only two or three. These flyers were only of the older man. The other boxes with papers for the wife were full and neatly placed.
Why was the one box almost empty? So of course being me, I consolidated the contents to fit in one box and broke the empty boxes down.
Once I moved into the house and couldn’t believe it was entirely furnished. But just a table and chairs but as if someone had hired an interior decorator.
I dropped my ever present backpack, filled with clothes and necessities in one of the side rooms and began exploring. The theme seemed to be vintage with glass accents mostly. Whites, and creams with mints and burgundy.
All the trash outside was collected and placed into the already present burn pile and started burning that. Eventually, I decide I needed to take a shower so that’s what I did.

Right before I had hopped into the bathroom, I had noticed a van and trailer pull up the driveway but kept following the round about and leave. When I saw the gate lock after it I decided to ignore it for some reason. It was not as if I could chase them down and demand answers.

Anyways, I get in the shower and during it I hear the front door open. And people. Lots of people. With the figuring of ‘locked, and empty’ house, I had left the bathroom door wide open.

There were at least ten or fifteen people by the time I make it out of the bathroom. I recognized some from the group shot on the bottom of the couple’s flyer.

This was their house. But it was my house. Why were they here? How did they still have keys? Did I make a mistake? Was I not supposed to be here?

This entire time I had been waking among them but none seemed to notice me until I approached one and said, “I’m confused. There seems to be a misunderstanding here.”

It felt like being called up to the bosses or principal’s office. I was told to sit and wait for a man they all were scared of.

I was placed in a chair by a window that over looked the front yard and it looked beautiful. The driveway was suddenly not over grown. No dead plants or trees anywhere and that table that held the boxes and flyers was gone, too.

I was very scared at that point.

One by one they all filed into this sitting room where since introduced themselves and others pretended I did not exist. Or maybe they really didn’t know I was there. I dunno.

Eventually the man arrives and he was livid. The same calm and calculated politician from the flyers. He saw it as a three bears and Goldilocks situation.

As he is posturing and yelling that van pulls up again and the driver comes rushing into the house. There had been some accident involving someone they knew and they all had to leave immediately. While they were all running around trying to collect everyone and figure out who was riding with whom, I was standing lost trying to understand just what the hell was going on and what was I supposed to do.

The chaos continued as I woke up.

When I woke up, I realized I had never even looked at the full house yet. If it was my house, why didn’t I automatically go to the master bedroom?

Drafted and posted using my Samsung Galaxy SIII. Please do forgive any typographical errors.


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