What to do? What to say?


Well, I have a lot of WiFi at my disposal now and a friend’s laptop to borrow since I am lucky enough to be house sitting for them for a while. Yes, the previously mentioned friends from the last rant. But like I said then, they are good friends, just… with moments, y’know?

Anyways. I saw my psychiatrist yesterday and it seems we are now going to try either Lithium or Depakote. He tried making it sound like it was no big deal just the next step but everyone always forgets I do my research! I already know plenty about Lithium and Depakote. Depakote I had heard of from another blog and my sister (the nurse) has mentioned it in the past.

I really don’t want to go on either of these. He wanted me to get some blood work done, which I have only ever done once before and that was when I went to the emergency room because of the baby. Terrifies me. Just terrifies me.

To make a long story short. I am very wary of this idea. I will be giving it a hell of a lot of thought before I decide any which way.

But my sister called me and gave me a pep talk. Which is always really nice. She is really, really good at them!

I am getting closer and closer to making the decision to leave Disney. I think if I do actually leave Disney it will be to go to school full time. It is an idea I like a lot. Maybe once I become a little more stable I can get a part time job close for spending cash.

Lately, I have become obsessed with Avatar: Last Airbender and have fallen in love with the show. I only finished the series last night and have already started its sequel The Legend of Korra.

I am actually typing this post up on the laptop while I have my phone propped up on the screen playing the cartoon. >.<

Does that make me some supreme order of dork?

Along with using this laptop to write up this post I was also starting to edit some photos I have been meaning to edit for a while.

IMG_3120 (2)

Excuse the super editing, but hey, it is how you learn, right?


Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge

_MG_3708 _MG_3711


I keep debating whether not I should get my own laptop fixed. Maybe I can work with my mom to help me out with that. I am sure that some way we can work something out. They always come through for me when I need them. As much as she drives me crazy.

I dunno. I know about myself that I go through these buoy like phases where sometimes I am all wound up and bobbing along the positive waves but then sometimes my line gets tangled up and I am pulled down to darker depths with the sharks. Hopefully one day I can simply cut the line free and bob where the current takes me.


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