We Have An Escapee On Our Hands


Remember the dog I saved? We picked her up Wednesday!

It turns our her name is actually Kimber, not Timber but he said it was close it enough that it should be okay. So we kept it at Timber. It is sentimental since our very first wolf, Max, was a Timber wolf.

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We learned that she is just over a year old and is part Husky, and part Great Pyrenees.

Now my family knows all about Huskies, Malamutes, wolves, and Pit Bulls. But never had we had a Great Pyrenees.

And y’all, I think I have a new favorite breed.

The previous family said she didn’t know any tricks or have any training beyond being house trained and it only took her an hour and a half to learn ‘sit’ and ‘stay’.

I ended up staying with her in her little area the entire day and night last night reading and playing Sudoku in one if the many Sudoku books we have.

Anytime I would leave my heart would break with the sound of her cries and scratching.

Timber, baby, I am sorry but I have to go to the bathroom!

After I got from a grocery run to Publix, I decided to let her downstairs with me if I blocked off upstairs while I cooked to ease her anxiety and allow her to smell the girls’ scent and place her own.

We plan to do a formal introduction Saturday but things… Kinda didn’t go according to plan.


That went way better than planned. And Timber is a little escape artist. We have been slowing introducing her to the house and letting her get her set around for the dogs to scent. We have a partial pen with half the back yard connected to the laundry for her for now that is against Jelly and Angel’s pen. So she has been in the laundry room with the back door open with access to that second pen and the downstairs and the rest of the house for JB and Angel. Slowly move her to the downstairs part of the house with upstairs blocked off between the two of them while I cooked to stay with her. Finish cooking. Move her back to her first area and I sit down to eat. Half way into Modern Family. A bit white mass comes racing into the living room and jumps onto JB’s chair (directly next to where I was). Oh Jeeze. Let the circus begin. We have an escapee.


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