I Saved A Life


Five minutes from home I almost rear end the guy in front of me when he almost hits a dog that is running in the middle of the highway. This is a large, all white dog and after averting her first near death experience she just keeps going down the middle of the road.

I am an impulsive person by nature. Usually when I see a dog along the road I say a little prayer and hope they find their way home safely, but this time without thinking I pull on the side of the road she was on and got out my car.

She immediately runs to me and her tail is going and she is howling and crying.

It took nothing to coax her into my car after not finding any tags (I had my phone in my hand to call, if I found any).

I drove home with this big puppy, and had my parents meet me outside with one of our old horse leads. My dad and I got in the car. I had a dog in the car but he was the one growling. He was NOT happy. We drove back to the nursery I picked her up in front of but they had just closes twenty minutes prior. So we turned around and went back home.

On the way back, she tries her hardest to climb onto my lap as I am driving.

Mom and Dad swapped places and we were going to go door to door at the neighborhood across from the nursery. Right before I went to make the turn, Mom noticed a fire burning in a yard so we pull in and a dog comes running to my car and starts barking at the stray I picked up.

We had found the family on the first go around. My mom starts explain how we found her and before she even finishes talking, he offers us the dog.

“Seriously. For free. She needs a fenced in yard.”


“But she is also an inside dog.”


“She likes you!”

That she does. Well sir, here is my number, we will be leaving to bribe my father with good and we will call you if we can take her.

And we so will.

This post was drafted from mobile device and is more than likely riddled with typos and grammatical errors. Please forgive and forget folks. If it is not too much of a bother, that is.


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