What Is This Black Box Thing?


So, I just returned from picking up my laptop** from the computer dude and of course the first thing I do is to uninstall that annoying start menu button. I am one of the very very few that actually enjoy the tile set up of Windows 8.

Now that I have my laptop back with a fully functioning keyboard, I can finally start tacking my ever growing list of blog posts to write up.
And first up is my thoughts on the series premiere of Black Box. Even before the blogsphere blew up in preparation of this show, I was intensely curious about this show that as far as I knew was simply about mental health. I had no idea that the entire thing was about Bipolar Disorder. That just upped the ante to overflowing, as I had within the last few weeks been diagnosed with Bipolar.

To the point, I loved it. There where so many times where I would connect with memories throughout my past that were actually symptoms of Bipolar Disorder.

My mother watched the premiere with me and during one scene she turned to me and asked me if what was happening seemed familiar. The worrisome part? It was the scene where Dr Black’s mother was screaming and threatening to kill herself. It wasn’t my actions that were supposed to be familiar, it’s my mother’s.

And yes, it was familliar. And yes, it is terrifying. I cannot count how many times from times as a young child to even within the last year where my mother has either threatened her own life, or to run away. Every time strikes fear because even if she has threatened it so many times and has yet to act on it, you can never promise that, that one time she doesn’t mean it. Dangerous slippery slope.
If you have a curiosity about Bipolar Disorder, watch it.

However so far, I have yet to have an impulse to not take my nightly medication even as I question it. I do realize that it could be very bad if I were to stop the 400 mg of Seroquel all of sudden.

However, on Twitter there was some discussion I noticed.

@LinzDefranco tweeted asking for opinions on what they thought about the show. And some of them… got to me a little. I had to stop myself multiple times for sending out a reply tweet of my own.

The replies that got to me were about how it didn’t portray Bipolar Disorder realistically. Okay, fine if that is your opinion. I have no problem with that. The problem I had was when it was said that Bipolar Disorder isn’t like that period, at all, ever.

My own diagnosis as Bipolar Severe isn’t anything like what they portrayed on the show.


Because it wasn’t me writing it.

Everyone is different. Everyone experiences and handles their disorders their own way. I have never had a manic episode like the ones Dr Black in the premiere did. At least, not that I am aware of. But someone else may have.

I hope people when they watch this show they can come to an understanding and learn something anything about mental health in general, not just Bipolar Disorder. The Stigma must be broken.




**I obviously wrote this post prior to today and uploaded once I had access to wifi. …Like now.


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