It Isn’t the End of the World


So I worked a shift yesterday.





I got dressed and ready perfectly fine and was on my way to DAAR (Disney’s Art of Animation Resort) without any panicy feelings.

Those didn’t start until after I had arrived. But Andy saw me first thing and pulled me into a big hug. I don’t think I would have even been able to be okay with simply setting my alarm to get there without feeling her backing me up.

She had me start out by doing online check in’s in the back with Katie (who has a psychology degree) to ease me in and just… they both teamed up and were my super heroes.

Really. Just, I couldn’t have even done a single thing without them.

Now that doesn’t mean that I was happy and floating like a butterfly. I was having panic attacks and having to walk away to find a dark space often but they understood and that was okay.

I did it though.

Which means I can do it again.

I know who I can go to if Andy isn’t there, and what I need to do if I have an attack on stage. I am still trying to process everything that happened so I will probably have to type up my thoughts and the account of everything that happened later at home (where I don’t have internet for the laptop) and just upload the next time I come here.


Speaking of, oh ho ho, am I awesome or what.

I found a table in a corner, by the window and with a powerstrip.

What does that mean, folks?

My table is the creme de la creme.

Florida is just freakin' gorgeous.

Florida is just freakin’ gorgeous.

In other news, thanks to this manic episode I am getting things done and questions answered.

And Wisdom Teeth. My left side had apparently given all it could give and now it the right side’s turn. My poor face, so swollen.

Super Duper Chipmunk cheeks thanks to the wisdom teeth.

Super Duper Chipmunk cheeks thanks to the wisdom teeth.


Tomorrow is my appointment with Georgia Peach (the name is still funny cause she is actually Hispanic from NYC) and hopefully I will get some tools I can use for my attacks and I plan to go to Epcot and the parks afterwards to take lots of photos to share with y’all before the  Flower and Garden festival is over.


I called the Dok-Tore’s office yesterday to cancel that “follow-up” and they had changed their entire voice mail.

Now, non-emergency messages will be returned the next business day and any other message will be returned “when possible.”

You have no idea how are it was to keep a straight face both mentally and physically when I left my own message cancelling.

So sweet, it was such a sweet feeling.

Toodle-loo, toots!




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