Cigna Dropped A Bomb


A letter came in the mail from Cigna showing just how much the Dok-Tore has billed us.

Please remember that I have only seen this doctor four times and each visit is less than fifteen minutes.

You ready?

I don’t think you are.


For two visits. This is dated the 9th of April. $900 if split down the middle.

This is just wrong.

Where is the justice in that?

Edit: I have only had to pay a $20 copay at each appointment and that is entirely in thanks to my amazing insurance.

I have decided to go to the appointment on Wednesday just in case they try claiming they haven’t received any of my voice mails and charge me for the visit. Which I thought was only $250 – max.

I  going to sit down, with this letter in hand and tell him that he needs to convince me as to why I should continue to seek care from him and his team.

Because this is ridiculous.

This post was drafted from mobile device and is more than likely riddled with typos and grammatical errors. Please forgive and forget folks. If it is not too much of a bother, that is.


5 thoughts on “Cigna Dropped A Bomb

    • What is extra ridiculous is the the psychiatrist himself had no idea about the bill or why it was that much. Lauren, the one I believe actually runs the show, said it was Cigna that told her to bill that much. For one test. Not a visit or visits. One test. The tests with the 750 true or false questions.

      Our health care system is beyond…. just goodness gracious.

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