Am I Allergic To The Seroquel?


I met the psychologist today.

And she is closing her practice in July.

It went well. Of course, it always goes back to the parents with them. She really focused on my mother.

She really, uh, has an interesting speaking rhythm. She will say a word or two, use a hand motion to communicate what she just said and then repeat herself and then finish her thought.

It kind of works against my mind as I think rapidly and usually am about four or five thoughts minimum ahead.

Over all the appointment went well and depending on what my provider allows, I may see her twice a week until her practice is closed.

The problems didn’t start until after I left her office. (I need a cool name for this doctor, like the Dok-Tore for my psychiatrist)

I called the Leave Administration team. It took a minute and a half for ‘Mary’ to tell I was denied, had no dream of qualifying for FMLA and hung up.

I have only worked 300~ hours in the last year.

Let’s revisit why that was.

From December 2012 – July 2013 I was waiting on Disney to get their act together and transfer me.

From September to now has been the “slow season” and I have only worked maybe 45 hours and that was when I also actively picking up hours that were not mine.

Dad is almost demanding I take this to HR.

I did my best to calm down after ‘Mary’ hung up on me and drove to the Dok-Tore’s office. I had a solid three hours between then and my appointment so sorry to anyone who was on the Osceola Parkway behind me. Cruise control and I were getting along.

I got to the Dok-Tore’s office with a solid two and a half hours to go. I tried sitting out in the car. Eating sunflower seeds and writing my journal which only had only twenty four pages til it was full and during those two and half hours (two of those sitting outside his office in the hallway) I filled each and every page.

Surprise, surprise during my five minute med check with the Dok-Tore, he decided to up the Seroquel, again. To 400 mg. Finally he had listened to me when I said I was not liking the Trazodone.

It only took two weeks.

When I met with the psychologist, she said I had Bipolar Severe.

No where in the internets could I find ‘Bipolar Severe’.

Is that I or II?

The way she made it sound sound like it was Bipolar I due to my frequent hallucinations. Or seeing in layers as I had always called it.

Seeing the reality of what was there and then what my nightmares showed me that came into daylight.

But the Dok-Tore said it was Bipolar II as Bipolar I is too rare.

Just like he believes my JRA (Junior Rheumatoid Arthritis) is. “That’s odd.”

Also, he had this girl sitting the office during my sit down with him. Once again, this person never introduced themselves.

So that is now two people whom have had some sort of interaction and never introduced themselves. I have one with attitude and a lurker.

Is this like the way things work with psychiatrists? You don’t know the name of these people but they know all your details?

Next time I am demanding to know who they are. I don’t think it is right.

On the issue about the FMLA, Lauren told me to ask “if them if I could go on medical leave” and then tell them if it was yes or no.

Hold on.

You want me to ask my boss if I could go on medical leave?

I am pretty sure that is not how this works. This isn’t like going on vacation.

So after my five minute med check with the psychiatrist, I went down stairs, picked up the new prescription for 400 mg Quetiapine (generic for Seroquel) and started the drive home.

I, of course as usual, called my parents in turn to update them.

The news that the Dok-Tore once again chose to just up the dosage as his cure all sent my mother for a loop.

Immediately, “I am calling Karen!”

I chose to call my sister Nancy, the nurse to get her take on this.

It even worried her a little. She wants me to stick to 300 mg and take a benadryl about am hour later. And if that takes if the joint/calf itching that always happens, it means I could very well be allergic to it.



Of course I would be allergic to the magic cure all pill that is supposed to fix the crazy.

My next appointments are next Wednesday at 9 AM with the Dok-Tore and noon with the psychologist.

When I got home, I told Dad everything and many times he wanted me to go to HR about things I have experienced because of Disney. The seven month leave. The no call no show bull. But I am never very strong about confrontation.

But he is going to find the number for HR tomorrow and wants me to make an appointment when he can go with me.

And that leads us to here. I bought a weekly planner on the drove home at a Barnes and Noble and it helped me feel at least a little better. I always prefer penning down appointments and notes rather than on my phone. I keep forgetting to make my calendar events private and ooh, that bugs me.

It is a pretty lively light blue and starts in March which is perfect for me.

I kinda hope the benadryl helps with the itchy joint feeling after I take my Seroquel in a moment here, but I really don’t want to be allergic to it. Imagine all kinds of problems that is going to cause.

Plus hearing how “odd” it is.

This post was drafted from mobile device and is more than likely riddled with typos and grammatical errors. Please forgive and forget folks. If it is not too much of a bother, that is.


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