I Am A Tasmanian Devil.


Oh good gracious, today. If I thought I was driving in circles last week?

Someone call me Taz(manian Devil).

This morning I woke up, and forgot my journal at home with my lists for what I wanted to speak to The Dok-Tore about.

So obviously, I was not in a right mood.

I had realized I only had a fifty dollar bill, and that easily triggered anxious feelings worrying about whether they would accept a large bill, or how it would inconvenience them to change out the larger bill. The entire drive I was mapping out options and directions in how I would handle and fix this problem.

Once I reached the building and parked I remembered I was supposed to call my leaders and make sure they had received the information pertaining to the FMLA leave.

I called.

They didn’t have it.

The leader I was speaking with is generally one I get along well with as she is very no-nonsense. Sadly, someone had fed her nonsense and not update her on protocols.

It was her understanding that I was supposed to be communicating entirely with Health Services, not the leadership team.

But my Dok-tore…-

Right, Health Services. Got it. I will get with my Dok-Tore and regroup.

Tackle one problem at a time.

Problem number one: the $50 bill.

Solution number one: Bought a bottle of aspirin at the pharmacy downstairs and broke the bill.

This visit I did have a bit of a wait til Dr Erlich saw me for whatever reason and I was nervous about using my phone after the last appointment, hoping to avoid any and all contact with that witch.

Eventually my foot shaking was getting a bit out of hand and I need something to occupy this young mind.

I pulled out my phone and made a list here on WordPress as a draft this morning. Managed to keep my focus when I finally got called in to see The Dok-Tore.

                The Summary

Psychologist: he did in fact know someone he could heartily recommend and get her information from David.

Seroquel Update: Dosage will be increased to 300 fracking mg!

FMLA: talk to Lauren. I just sign the papers after a review.

Goodbye. Toodle-loo. See you in a week.

Exit the specific little room of the Dok-Tore and following what happened last week, waited at the window inside the hallway as I was instructed to do so last week.

I swear, the old woman has something against me. Smiles and grandmotherly vibes for everyone else. What did I do?

I am waiting at the window while David on the phone. Politely, quietly.

“You need to leave the hallway. David will be with you outside.”

Right got it. I didn’t even say anything. Just picked up my purse and left the hall way.

“He’s on the phone.”

Uh huh. Okay sure. Smile, and wave boys. Smile and wave.

The moment I close the door David calls my name.


He gives me the psychologist’s card, and then tried bidding me adieu.

Uh uh, Sugar. I’m not done with you.

“The Dok-Tore told me to speak to Lauren about the FMLA run around.”

“Uh, what’s going on?”

Is your name Lauren?

I know she’s pretty, but sweetie, just be you sugaboo.

“Lauren told me to call me managers, and that is all I would need to do, to confirm the FMLA was in place. My managers said I needed to speak to Health Services. Health Services said to talk to HR. And HR said I need to talk to you. I am getting fingers everywhere but themselves.”

I would have begged for someone to raise their hand already.

Bribed them with candy.


“You need to talk to Health Services…”

“No, David. I need to talk to Lauren. The Dok-Tore himself said I needed to speak with Lauren.”

Eventually I just gave in and left after warning him that I was driving to Health Services and would be speaking with them and calling him once I finished with them. 

It was raining when I left.

I drove to the backside of Epcot where Health Services is located and got in line.

“Anyone with an appointment?”

Sigh. Not I.

I waited my turn and explained the situation. And once again, I was being lectured on something someone else was telling the story differently.

“We haven’t had anything to do with FMLA for over ten months.”

Then –

“What you’re talking about isn’t FMLA.”

“Yes, it is. It is extended FMLA.”

“But FMLA is for chronic issues.”

Do you wanna know what Disney was famous for before they changed the Guest Assistance Card to the DAS system?

Support for invisible disabilities.

Means ya can’t see it.

It is not your job to assume or play twenty questions about why I am applying for FMLA.

“Hold on, hold on. My momma cap is on. *Cue long winded explanation of a medical leave as opposed to FMLA*”

Thank you. I am very familiar with medical leave and Health Services. Dr Ferro? How have you been? Kids doing well?

“Just entertain me. Can you please check and see if you have received anything from my doctor’s office?”

Nope. Nada.

But you’re gonna reprint everything for me that I have already filed?

The trees, they weep with love for you.

Or is that sap.

She also gave me a print out with the Leave of Absence Administration team’s information.

But the number is out of service.

I had a feeling something would be wrong so I march back inside and inform her.

She hands me the same exact print out.

Oh. Indian giver. She took it back and scribbled in 828 as opposed to the general 923 for Disney. Okay, then.

Take Two

Got through to probably the nicest person I spoke to all day.

She worked with me and looked in four different locations to try and find the paperwork.

“Well, I am not finding anything. Do you know what number they are using?”

“I told them it was a 714 number, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it is a 407.”

“Yeah, the 407 has been out since we moved responsibilities. Do you have the rest of the number?”

Why yes, yes I do.

Remember I told you that I was gonna call David.

Call I did.

“Hi, David! It’s Lara!”

“…oh… Hi.”

“Yeah, Health Services hasn’t had any kind of connection to FMLA for the last ten months.”

“Oh… They haven’t?”

No, no my sweetling, they haven’t.

“And I called the office you are supposed to be faxing this to. They obviously don’t have anything. What number have you been using to fax? Let me guess, 407? Yeah. That is wrong. Remember that number I pointed out to you after the woman from the office that does handle this printed out those papers you are faxing and pointed this number out to me? Began with like 714 or something? Yeah. The 407 is the old number.”

“I think we sent it to both…”

No you didn’t. Otherwise they would have gotten it.

How many times did you send my confidential information to a wrong number?

“Send it again. To the 714 number. Call me once you do, and then I will be calling the Leave Administration team to confirm they received it.”

“Can you call me at one? We do have the patients here still…”

And I was there. But you participated in giving me the run around. So now, I will no longer be that sweet funny chick. Now you get the South on your hide.

“I will call at 1300 exactly.”

Said ta and hung up.

I spent then half hour making the appointment with the psychologist.

Problem Three: Two people said go yo Health Services.

Solution: Health Services says they cray and you need to call Ghostbusters.
Problem Four: Call Psychologist. Do they accept Cigna?

Solution: She does! And the EAP program allows for five visits without a copay. Coolio.

Problem Five: My poor laptop has the flu.

Solution: Talked to computer dude. He said call when I leave the Disney area.

Then I called my mother and updated her.

All this while sitting in my car in the Health Services/Epcot backstage parking lot.

Oh look! It is now one on the dot.

“We just sent it like a minute after you hung up.”

“That is, like, great. I’m gonna call them, like, right now.”

I called that 828 and I got the same cast member. They couldn’t find it at first but she did some back door tricks and found it. And she gave me a number and all the necessary extensions on how to check on the status of the FMLA paperwork and what I needed to say to my leaders.

Now that is called gettin’ it done.

I called Art’s back office and tried getting a leader but apparently alphas (911 was dialed) were going down and wasn’t available. I was still riding that high of finally ticking those bits off my list that I was not caring. Left my number and she’d call me back.

And started home. I hadn’t ate anything all day and was feeling it.

On the way home Dad called and wanted updates and soon after I got a call from Mom, too.

And my least favorite leader is the one who called me back.


I explained they needed to keep an eye for the FMLA leave paperwork coming their way and the leave was effective as of March 31st, this year.

“Okay. Well when we get that we will call you and see where we go from there.”

You seem to misunderstanding me.

You don’t have a choice in this.

I am on a six week leave. Federal leave.
You accept the paperwork and do not schedule me for four more weeks and erase this upcoming shift.

That is where we go from here.

End of story.

On another vein, I called the computer tech when I got home and turns out he got slammed after we hung up. But he walked me through some trouble shooting techniques over the phone and only thing he can think of is maybe the motherboard. I got a quote of anywhere from $160-220 including labor.

Since he is going away for the weekend, I have til Monday afternoon (self-imposed deadline) to decide if I want to even try or just hawk the laptop.

Dang did I get stuff done today.

But now I am on 300 mg of Seroquel.

THREE HUNDRED mg of Seroquel.

What does that say?

This post was drafted from mobile device and is more than likely riddled with typos and grammatical errors. Please forgive and forget folks. If it is not too much of a bother, that is.


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