On Wednesday I Made An Appointment


On Wednesday I made an appointment to see this psychiatrist that was recommended to me. On one hand I feel a sense a calm about finally making this step but on the other I am a mess.

People tease me about my “squirrel brain” or ADD tendencies but when it is actually in full force I get absolutely nothing done. I haven’t even been writing in my journal because I can barely finish a thought let alone a sentence and this post has been drafted well over ten times since making the appointment.

Not to mention my attempts to make detailed and yet straight to the point listings of my symptoms and frustrations for this appointment. How do I put struggles I have faced my entire life into a (assumedly) forty five minute window?

My mother was first going to come with me, more to make her feel better than I. None of her other kids have taken this step. But now due to family dilemma we will have to take a wolf back in Sunday and try to introduce him to our girls. Obviously they can’t be left alone for any length of time and I will be going by myself.

So… I dunno. Hopefully this post will make some sort of sense and if all goes well, I will write up about the appointment.

This post was drafted from mobile device and is more than likely riddled with typos and grammatical errors. Please forgive and forget folks. If it is not too much of a bother, that is.


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