Stepping Back


Around the beginning of February I started intermittently placing my phone not even just on the no data mode, but air plane mode. Every day was another day with zero texts, phone calls or out reaches of any sort. Just wasting battery juice, man!
Even with my phone basically not being a phone I could still reach my stories, mahjong, and music. All I needed. I was well entertained!

Prior to this measure I was constantly checking Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as well as blog rolls. I didn’t interact or participate but always refreshing. Again, and again.

After the step off I began to notice that my anxiety was less. My depression was not as potent. It may not make sense to anyone, especially as it barely does for me but this has helped. I always felt less, and frustrated that my own limitations drove to quarantine me away from these chances for socialization and socialization to me meant chances for happiness and in that contentment.

Not that is actually the key to happiness.

And I have been writing in my journal again. Each entry is usually easily ~10 pages. This is one habit I am very happy I picked back up. This helps to act like a sieve. Everything falls through like water but the important, big bits are caught and I can sort through them til they are broken down and worked through. Then they fall through as well leaving me with a calm space.

Speaking of calm – I have recently got the idea of yoga into my mind. And as is par for the course with me, I am obsessed with researching it. I almost bought a yoga mat today at Target but I wisely decided to hold off. My personal space is no where near ready to be conducive for such an activity. But I do plan on asking Karen when I go see her for my appointment in three weeks. Karen has been in the lives of my mother and I since early high school. When Gail, the first doctor I ever trust and to this day the only one really, moved to Arizona, she recommended Karen to continue our homeopathic and acupuncture needs.

And I love Karen and consider her a part of my family and a caring confidant. I just never felt that connection and understanding I did with Gail as a child. Gail also did save my life at least four times so just a minor bias. My mother on the other hand is reversed on this matter.


Point is – I am very sure Karen will have the information and suggestions I need as this is her circle of expertise. Just gotta hold off on a shopping spree til then.

Along with the calm and reflection this time has given me, it had also taken away something as well.

My patience.

Petty dramas, woe is me, reckless anger. All these things register very low on the radar for me and I simply did not have it in me to handle these things properly. Any time I would think of maybe reentering the world of communication and witness these things…

Yeah… No. Screw that.

Especially Facebook. And I have less than sixty people on there!

Maybe Twitter. Maybe Instagram. But not Facebook. I’m better off without that.

So here I am, checking in. Tossing in my two bits.

I hope everyone is well and excited for spring! I am. πŸ™‚ My favorite season alongside Autumn.

Any suggestions about yoga? Supplies, classes, stories to share?

I know I am not the only one kicking FB to the curb, y’all.


4 thoughts on “Stepping Back

  1. I have finally decided to deactivate all social media in my life now as well. I felt that I was spending too much time trying to keep up with everyone else’s life and not enough time focusing on mine. Great entry.

    • That’s a pretty solid mark up of what I was thinking. I don’t think I will actually go to the next step of deactivating everything. Not there yet! Thanks for commenting and enjoy your freedom from the shackles of social media!

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