Twist and Pout


My joints itch.

My ankles, my knees and spine.

It doesn’t matter how I twist, stretch or pop. They itch while my body begs for rest and ease and my mind races with ideas and curiosities.

I want to go to JoAnns and Target and walk and gather for creation and ingenuity.

But I’m too lazy for that. I hope for sleep and maybe a new day will help for a fresh start.


2 thoughts on “Twist and Pout

    • To get anything and everything! All those possibilities waiting to be gathered and used to bring to life the feelings in my mind And yes, more than likely gel pens. Haha.

      And I in fact did not get sleep, but I did the reach the point where I said screw it and went to my drafting room anyways. I have X Files on the side and working away.

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