Not for me. Well maybe. But not to described in this.

This is about the WordPress mobile app (for Android).

Which has been bane of my existence for months upon months. But seeing as how any and all of my internet activity is via my mobile device, it is just two hairs better than attempting to navigate the site via browser (I use Chrome, by the way).

For a long time, I couldn’t even log in. Or post. Or it would delete my drafts. And open blogs in a browser window.

To follow a new blog I had discovered, I had to go to the WordPress website log in there and manually type in the address of said blog to save it.

That was if the page would load.

But yesterday an update came out for the WordPress app with a lotta changes.

Slightly different appearance. UI tweaks. And all my problems above.

There were some issues I haven’t had to chance to see if those have been looked to yet. But when the time comes you can be sure I will say something if they are not. Most likely are though, I am sure.

But TL;DR:
I am so happy with the WordPress app update! So far, I love it!

On other notes from other things – just positive thoughts, and more positive thoughts.


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