Bear Necessities


I thought I was being witty with title and all I got was the song stuck in my head.

But I write this missive to ease another itch. The itch for things I don’t need.

In reality, I have everything I need. I always have. Food. A home. And family.
But rarely do I get to be on the receiving end of luxuries. My wish list on Amazon and in my journal can go for miles.

Just little day dreams. Which we all know I am pretty full of.

They tend to be day dreams of an apartment, new car, solid steps to a stable career.

But of course as the same with any other human being who has not seen enlightenment – I dream of material things as well.

Like…. New copies of Series 1 and 2 of the doctor. Ninth and Tenth regenerations, thank you very much.

Supernatural – I only got to see partly into the second season.

Books, and books and more books!

And for my girly wish… Philosophy’s Love Sweet Love fragrance. I’m very picky about perfumes. Rarely do I indulge. But this… Oh, I love the way it smells. Like fresh picked from the garden or walking trail and I just want to smell it again and again.

But these things, I do not need them. And right now I can not even afford to want them.

So for right now it is all about those bear necessities.

….and yes, I meant “bear”.


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