I Am Fighting My Urges


My sleeping scheduled has been knocked all over the place the last couple of weeks and that usually makes me more active.

– I have no idea why. It makes me want to do things, go out and just do… Stuff.

So whenever I get a little bit of spending money I have to battle hard not to go out and spend it. I know I should save it. I know I should. So very much so.

I should be good.

But being good is so hard. And I am not that awesome.

I did go to JoAnns recently but that was with a little thank you present. And I only spent $18. Saved $91 but that’s the beauty of their pattern sales. However..  It was on Butterick. And I have realized I don’t think they are my style. I spent close thirty minutes just trying to pick five. It was a 5/$7 deal, ya dig?

Normally it is hard for me to pick just five but this time it was quite the opposite.


I walked around after picking up a new invisible ruler since when I came back after my vacation at Pop Century, I found this: image

My poor baby. May you Rest In Peace.


I also got a new seam ripper and measuring tape since those had disappeared as well. Of course. I blame the pixies.

I felt so… Unsatisfied with my stint at JoAnns. It was quite disappointing. After leaving JoAnns I went out to Target right down the road cause… Target.

I have been spending a lot of time with a friend who wears tights every time we go out. Bright yellow ones too. Haha. Her along with Sass, eventually I wanted to try this hot trend. I only got two pairs but hey – gotta start somewhere. I picked up a pair of chevron knit sweater tights and a pair of lace tights. I am actually kind of excited to wear them out. But… I don’t feel I can yet. While we may have been nice and cold earlier the week (it got to 22 freaking degrees at my house a couple days ago), I do live in Florida and it can never make up its mind. We are expecting the eighties today.

Well. That’s about it. I wrote up this post mostly to help curb my antsy pantsy-ness.

It didn’t work. I’m probably going to go clean some more.

But… On Wednesday I get to see some people that mean the world to me at Olive Garden!

Oh geez… Now I am even more get-out-the-door.


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