Pesky Purple Dress



This thing has been a nightmare.

It started off well enough. I was excited for the challenge. I am quite the amateur when it comes to sewing so this pattern provided many news challenges and wonders for me to embark upon. Lining, pockets, and damned princess seams. Using silk brocade that has been sitting in my hope chest of sorts for nearly twelve years. I have more where that came from, I was a bit obsessed in middle school. You can see it in the background of the bodice lining photo.


I used Simplicity 1687 with bodice view A from their Runway line. Many great possibilities were seen for this pattern but after actually pulling up a garment, there definite fitting issues I need to address. It almost fits true straight off without altering it except of course as with all my dresses the top of the side seams need pinching, the waist a bit but most importantly – the upper bodice. The neckline gapes in the most unseemly way and the shoulder seams want to slide down and off my shoulders entirely to fix the problem.

Normally I would just pinch and dart my way out of these problems but the fact the upper bodice is lined makes it too bulky and it just looks unattractive.


Raw edges. I know.

There is pleating on every section of the skirt and it actually looks really nice. There were only four panels unlike the six I am generally used to.


The pockets aren’t inseam using a yoke or the side seam. Actually the pockets are slowly pieced together as you make the lower bodice and pleat the front skirt panels. I quite liked the process. I do plan to add small hidden hooks and eyes as I believe the weight of the fabric is too much and the bands gape.


I still much much prefer hand picking my zippers. I happened upon the perfect color match amongst my mothers thread supply. You can’t even see the color difference.


I know I will come to love this dress and any variation there after as soon as I address and fix these fit issues. Of course I would greatly accept any advice that can be given. 🙂

I will post photos wearing the actual dress as soon as I get outside and can wrangle someone to be my photographer.


2 thoughts on “Pesky Purple Dress

    • It is scary! It took me two days to get the gumption just to cut into it. Haha. Thanks. 🙂 Currently I am unpicking the upper bodice, hoping I have a chance at fixing that gaping issue… But… No promises!

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