Rituals and Motions


It is almost the New Year. How many times do you think you will read something along those lines this upcoming week if not already? But of course with its speedy approach I am thinking of what I would like to change or become with this new start.

So that will be this post! And since today is an feeling icky day, that usually means my thoughts are a mile a minute. Thus I want to write and talk to you guys.

I created some new boards on my Pinterest hoping to follow Tilly’s advice on sewing for your own style. Over the last year I have started to really figure out and choose who I am as a young woman. What features I like to highlight, color choices and particular designs. But once I made this board, I went to the women’s fashion tab and couldn’t find anything I could picture myself wearing. Nothing at all. I’ll just keep revisiting until I am more comfortable.

How did you develop your personal style and how long til you felt it was a solid matter?

In this New Year along with everyone else I want to make some lifestyle changes for my health and happiness. I want to get a stable full time job that will support my needs and wants. I also want to start seeing a professional and really get my mental health on track. Yes, I do believe I have held up the façade of presenting myself a normal functioning human being but it is time we make that the actual truth. It will take time but I am willing to dedicate myself. Though I am scared of being labeled a lost case and a liar again. Any tips or helpful anicdotes?

I’ve been making some new friends! I haven’t been feeling anywhere near as lonely or simply alone in my struggles. I have so many to reach out to and say, “I need someone right now. Help me.”

A recent friend who came into my life was actually thanks to my ex. We hung out on his birthday and eventually I feel like we are pretty close friends with a great understanding for one another. I’m not going to say names to respect their privacy as I actually respect them and do not know how they would feel about that. Haha. But I am so grateful. For Sassy and this new friend. Very grateful.

And lastly, I will ask something of you. I want to ask for your support in helping me meet monthly goals I will be setting for myself from now on. Even though December is almost over, my goal for this month is to finish the purple dress. I have four days. It is a lot more technical than what I’ve done in the past but I’m going to do it! I want to take pictures and document the rest of my progress.

Do you have a goal system? How do you find it helps you?

Drafted and posted using my Samsung Galaxy SIII. Please do forgive any typographical errors.


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