Bolts and All


If any of you are used to generally getting little to no sleep, you will understand what I’m going through this morning. I made the mistake of trying to force myself to get some sleep last night. That never ends well and I know this but that doesn’t stop me from being stubborn and trying.

Because Lord, the morning after is a horrific sight to be had. I feel nauseous, my arthritis is rating 14/10, and my vertigo makes me look more like a drunkard than usual.

But even before that, the fight to fall asleep is usually just as trying. My insomnia stems from my mind never wanting to quiet or wind down enough for me to fall asleep. The only way that usually works is counting backwards from 1,563 repeatedly.

But most nights that of course doesn’t work. I just toss and turn, ‘waking up’ every five minutes and the mini nightmares between each alarm is exponentially worse than normal, even for me.

Let’s just say today I feel like Frankenstein’s monster. Bolts, and all.

Drafted and posted using my Samsung Galaxy SIII. Please do forgive any typographical errors.


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