I knew him.


When I was still at the Tomorrowland Speedway, I tended to make friends with the custodial staff that change our greeter trash and be our best friends when there was a code v in the queue.

There were two I became kinda close with. I didn’t hang out with either of them outside of my shift but the conversation was full and they knew they could count on me for a ride when their cars broke down.

One of these people was Jay.

Shy. Awkward. But always so kind with a smile on his face no matter what.

A lot of our College Program girls were creeped out by him because he would seek them for conversation.

The guys we had at that time were rude, and had airs that rang quite high and mighty.

He never meant harm and always just seemed like he wanted a friend to talk to.

He never asked any of the girls on a date or sought them outside of work beyond one big invitation to play in the parks for his birthday.

I said I wish I could, but I was going to be working a heavy double.

Before it hit the news, whispers were abundant.

Anger. Confusion. Sadness. A prayer while we walked the race tracks and rockets.

How could anyone do something like this?

To someone so nice, and innocent.

An alert was sent out to all the tomorrowland Facebook groups. What the stolen vehicle looked like, the man they were looking for.

I stepped away from the reports and news.

Admittedly, I have seen more death and heinous acts than most – and I preferred to not lingers in those darks mists.

The details of the strangling was new for me and tore at the scar tissue.

The excuse the defense was building up made me so very angry. So angry.

I tend to take people in. Jay was one.

To hear someone make such accusations against a ward of mine – is beyond infuriating.

I can’t even begin to imagine the pain his grandmother must be experiencing having to hear so venomous words used to cushion against their depravity.

I write all of this jumbled mess just to say –

No. He wasn’t like that. Jay was good and sweet and innocent. He helped anyone and everyone who asked of him.

No matter your excuse – strangling someone with a cord isn’t the answer. If it really was as the lawyer claims – then you wouldn’t have lingered squeezing and staying as the life disappeared.

That was a killing by defense – that was murder.

The Trial Begins.

Posted from my Samsung Galaxy SIII. Please excuse any spelling errors that occur.


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