Well Isn’t That Swell.


That’s it. It is final. I have packed a bag and walked out. I am done being called a thief, ungrateful and now apparently abusive by my mother.

What infuriates slash rips even more beyond that – is when I have realized I really and truly have utterly no where else to go. I posted to Facebook hoping someone would be willing or able to help me. Nothing.

A friend texted me asking me if I was at some Hooters knock off over two hours away right then cause they were going for drinks.Β 

Are you fucking kidding me.

And these were people I can kinda considered as friends. And they didn’t even care one dimpled bit. Or care to ask hey, what’s going on?

I have been ripping my hair out trying to fix things, take care of my mother and help sweep behind her so she doesn’t get dragged off by the cops.

I’m sorry I am not willing to enlist to get away from this like James did.
I’m sorry I won’t smoke pot with you like Patrick.
I’m especially sorry I am not dead like Robbie.

I can’t keep on like this but I have zero money and literally no where to go with no car. What am I supposed to do?

By the way I tried calling the therapists office again. I left two voicemails but of course – no call back.

Posted from my Samsung Galaxy SIII. Please excuse any spelling errors that occur.


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