When I was the phone with AT&T customer care today when a comment was made, why don’t you see a doctor about this stuff?

Before anyone over reacts it was part of a discussion we were having as I do every month when explaining why I don’t have the money to pay the phone bill. I didn’t find the comment uncalled for or what have you.

And I didn’t have a good answer for it. But I soon kept thinking about it and realized – because that is a hard thing to do. To say in conversation oh, sorry I have this or this problem. But to sat oh yeah I was at the doctor for this and this problem, is different.

For it to be so much of an issue that you have to get medical help, is hard to admit.

Well, I have definitely admitted multiple times that I needed help with these things but I never make the phone call.

Money is usually the excuse in my mind. Which is true. Another part is trying to get past the effort I made previously. Calling repeatedly during different times a day trying to set up an appointment to never even reach a voicemail and just be on hold the entire time… is hard. I don’t know how to explain it.

Gah. I think I’m going to post this and just try again.

Posted from my Samsung Galaxy SIII. Please excuse any spelling errors that occur.


2 thoughts on “Excuses.

  1. Many Asians are similar in that they won’t go to the doctor, ever, unless they are dying. The issue of course is that people can have ‘poor’ health and visibly look healthy. Still, having worked in customer care and for cell phone companies, that comment by the representative was uncalled for and unprofessional.

    • It is just the way my family has always been. I have always had relatively poor physical heatlh and mental issues. But after years, you either get good at hiding them or you yourself forget them for the most part. So when I finally decided to try getting help, I almost feel like I am lying. I tried again with the referred center and got a voicemail since it was out of hours but I never received a call back. I’m not sure what the next step is from here.

      And after working at various customer services jobs and then working as a customer service provider at Disney world for the last three years, I usually give folks more slack than due.

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