Powering Through Dyslexia


I took up sewing entirely based on the fact there was no money for clothes. So when I finally get the call back to work and that mean five days (at the least) of professional attire and all the clothes I had were either left over from high school (2010) or from garage sales. I didn’t ask to go shopping so I could have nice clothes to properly present myself to my new leaders and coworkers. Instead I went through piles of fabric that date from the seventies and on to attempt several levels of difficulty higher than what I have attempted thus far. It is so frustrating whenever I attempt to ask for help and my dyslexia is turning everything backwards and the reaction I recieve is contempt and discriminatory.

As many of you know, I suffer from severe dyslexia and it has been one of the reasons for my bullying ever since I was a small child. To be raked over the coals like that by someone who recognized my dyslexia for what it was as a toddler, and never even tried to get me help for this – hurts.

Anyways. I’m trying to use mostly dress patterns since I honestly don’t have any blouses. The problem now present however is most of the fabric I have found in the house is two yards or less. Mostly scrap fabric bits that have been essentially hoarded in piles since the seventies.


Please, do ignore the Chinese take away.  Haha.


I really love the design of this pattern but it requires over 3 yards of fabric not including the lining! Yowza!

Recently, I decided this next pattern would be choice even though it required princess seams (which is a skill I apparently suck at. But I will get better with practice!) and on its way to three yards of fabric. At 2 5/8 yards, those 3/8 of a yard really count when you are trying to squeeze a pattern onto the panels.


I did acquire these really pretty and flowy “silky prints” from Jo Anns during their firefly sale but only two yards of each excusing the butterfly which I was able to get a 3/4 remnant.





I’m just going to have to keep trying and sew into the night. As long as mom has her tv on it shouldn’t wake her up. I would be more worried about waking up my dad in the adjacent room.

Do you have any tips for working through sewing or life in general with dyslexia?

P.S. Please excuse any typos, I’m back to posting from my phone!


6 thoughts on “Powering Through Dyslexia

  1. If you don’t have enough fabric try to shorten the hem. Most of your patterns are longer but would look just as nice if you shortened them. And Princess seams are great for beginners trust me girl. Practice makes perfect Good Luck! And don’t let dyslexia get you down, it does not define who you are.

    • Thanks! I get pretty weary of numbers sometimes, and am in a constant battle about my measurements. I am starting to learn to pay more attention to the finished measurements and garment ease but it is definitely trial by error. Hopefully I can pull it together and whip out all the clothes I need by Monday morning!

      • Dont think about the deadline just have fun. You can also watch youtube videos to help learn some tricks.i watch DIY clothing videos all the time, they teach you to alter clothing you already have so you wont have to worry about patterns and numbers

  2. you could also try to make some sleeveless blouses as they require less fabric. The other option is blouses without buttons like sewaholic’s pendrell blouse 🙂

    • Hopefully within the future I can try that design. I really, REALLY want to try some Sewaholic patterns as they seem to be perfect for my pear shaped body type. 🙂 I don’t have a printer (I actually only have my phone right now, haha) or the funds to purchase the pattern but I will probably get as many of hers as my budget will allow soon enough. I have yet to hear the end of rave reviews of her Cambie dress!

  3. all the suggestions above are fabulous ones – when you short on fabric think about combining prints & pattern, even if its just a front panel or a ruffle or a hem – it means you can make use of like colours & have something that is quite unique.

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