Okay guys, I need your help. I need people to talk to. I have come to a point where I have decided that I am going to college and I am going to college ASAP.


… But what for? This is all very confusing and scary for me. No one else in my family has gone to college, and only one has done a vocational program.

So, I need people to talk to and help me sort out what I want to do. What I want to become.
Where I will be happy?

I love helping people. I love photography. I love medicine and law. I have a passion for linguistics and teaching.

But what do I do? Can anyone help me? All the people in my life here and now, don’t seem to have anything to offer. And that frustrates me to no end. My high school only cared about athletics and the FCAT. That’s it. Guidance counselors didn’t care one whip of a cent and disregard the cries of aid from the students. And so many have said I could do anything, and I agree with that to a point. Yes – I can do anything I please and be successful in it. I am blessed that way. But I have no idea if I will be happy.

I want stability in my life.

I want furniture. I have been sleeping on a box spring on my floor for the last three years and on a mat for the years prior to that. My clothes are kept folded on a towel on the floor, and my books stacked next to them.

I want happiness and content in what I am doing.


So many say that passion can be a curse. Because you either can be rich by becoming a doctor, or lawyer. Or happy for following your dreams to poorer paths.

My curse is that I seem to lack a passion and a dream. I have only wanted to survive and fight the thoughts inside my head to the next day.

I need help discovering or creating a dream.

Please, help me?


7 thoughts on “HELP.

  1. Go to school. You don’t have to know as you start you will figure it out. I promise…. I did not pick a major until the end of the second year of college. Just start…. Everything will pan out!

  2. Thanks for your words, Kare. I have an issue with starting things without some form of a plan especially when it involves money. Haha. I actually had a thought to delete this, I still do, but I didn’t want to lose your kind words. πŸ™‚

  3. I agree with Pretty Lady Baby – just get yourself to college. Your freshman year will be filled with core classes that you have to take regardless of your major.
    I majored in Graphic Design, b/c my plan was to design ads like Darrin on Bewitched. But, while in college I had an internship where I learned all about web design (which my school’s curriculum severely lacked in back in 2000-2004). So – I’ve done web based design work since, and now I’m working at a software company as a developer. I still do design work, but I’m also learning all types of different coding languages – it’s incredible!
    SO – that being said, your major doesn’t always predict your future. Just go in optimistic AND realistic, and be willing to learn as much as you can. Also – get as much real-world experience (internships, volunteer, etc) as you can while IN college. You need way more than just a degree when you graduate – you need to have experience.
    Good luck and good for you πŸ™‚

  4. May I just say, I love lengthy comments like the one you have left here? Anyhow –

    I am going to college whether or not I can figure something out right now. And what you have said is true, I will probably change my mind five hundred ways to Sunday before I graduate.

    I’m a planner and listing kind of gal. I also always want a full schedule. In high school, I ran the culinary program, along with my senior classes and running a bakery in the spring.

    The college/dorm experience is a drawing, but I want to do the internships, to explore the fields and dive in!

    My aunt is mainly the one helping me and we are counting entirely on scholarships and grants to help me get to school. So, major specific or vocational specific scholarships and programs may be necessary.

    …I’m sorry, I’m all over the place! haha.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to write that out and reach out to me. πŸ˜€

    Both Kare’s and your words are definitely helpful and soothing and gets me rearin’ an’ going’ to go to college!

  5. You are on the second step of a remarkable journey. first step was deciding to do something and you’ve already done that. congratulations… Second step is the figuring out what that ‘something’ is.

    May I suggest that you ask for information interviews with people who are already working in ‘ helping people (volunteers, counselors,etc), photography, medicine (doctors, medical students, the different type of nurses, other medical related fields) and law (lawyers, law students, paralegals, assistants). I have a passion for linguistics and teaching (teachers of many different kinds)…. If you google ‘Informational interviews’, you’ll a whole wide range of questions to ask them… Talking to different people will help. You can be frank with them and tell them ‘I am not looking for a job, I am trying to see if what this field has to offer me and whether it will work for me”

    Meanwhile volunteer in these fields, say as an office clerk or admin assistant so you can observe how it works and if that environment works for you.. try a couple of different office for each field.. Ask to do an internship if you will… You don’t have to decide anything ‘right now’, try bits and pieces of each field and then go with what your gut says.

    You can do all of this before or after enrolling in your first year college as well.. go with your comfort level. If you need to plan out in advance, make a plan to figure out what you want and take your time to figure it out.


  6. First of all, good for you that you are even thinking about college! I agree with the others that a good place to start would be with speaking to a career counsellor. Im sure you can find one at your prospective college. They may even get you to do one of those aptitude tests that will help you figure out what your strengths and weaknesses are. Good luck and dont give up!

    • I think I was literally blocked by life on this one. I had a lot of red tape to maneuver within the span of two days if I was going to be able to even try for college this fiscal year.

      Sadly, the documents take two weeks minimum to process and I miss my chance. Maybe next year. But thank you for your words and support!

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