Okay guys, I need your help. I need people to talk to. I have come to a point where I have decided that I am going to college and I am going to college ASAP.


… But what for? This is all very confusing and scary for me. No one else in my family has gone to college, and only one has done a vocational program.

So, I need people to talk to and help me sort out what I want to do. What I want to become.
Where I will be happy?

I love helping people. I love photography. I love medicine and law. I have a passion for linguistics and teaching.

But what do I do? Can anyone help me? All the people in my life here and now, don’t seem to have anything to offer. And that frustrates me to no end. My high school only cared about athletics and the FCAT. That’s it. Guidance counselors didn’t care one whip of a cent and disregard the cries of aid from the students. And so many have said I could do anything, and I agree with that to a point. Yes – I can do anything I please and be successful in it. I am blessed that way. But I have no idea if I will be happy.

I want stability in my life.

I want furniture. I have been sleeping on a box spring on my floor for the last three years and on a mat for the years prior to that. My clothes are kept folded on a towel on the floor, and my books stacked next to them.

I want happiness and content in what I am doing.


So many say that passion can be a curse. Because you either can be rich by becoming a doctor, or lawyer. Or happy for following your dreams to poorer paths.

My curse is that I seem to lack a passion and a dream. I have only wanted to survive and fight the thoughts inside my head to the next day.

I need help discovering or creating a dream.

Please, help me?