Take A Walk On the Wild Side! Chapter Two


So about two days after our adventure in North Central Florida wild, I had managed to transfer and post my pictures to my personal Facebook page where they were actually quite popular!

A friend there commented suggesting we should go to the beach right then! “Within the next fifteen minutes if possible.”

… O.o Okay? Sure! Why not.

“Oh, crap, I have to kids I’m responsible for. You should have responded earlier.”

“Cause an hour ago you would have magically not have had two teenage children, but you do now. Yes, yes, I see your logic.”

…I’m not always very nice once you have tried my patience.

My mother was sitting next to me as this conversation occurred and suggested, “Well, why don’t we go to the beach?”

It was already about four in the afternoon, so it was odd for her to suggest we do something that would ultimately have us out late. Since it was so rare, I didn’t want to miss the opportunity.

We packed up cheese and crackers and headed out!

Our destination? The West Coast Beaches of Florida. How did we get there? Go up North 42. Okay, now keep going. And just keep going. You hit Pedro, Florida, and make a right when the Brother’s tell you to.

Blue looking away

But be careful, someone might get creeped out that you were trying to take a  picture of the Blue’s Brothers.

Blues Looking Right At Me

I did feel bad when I looked at the photos and noticed that detail.

The West Coast is kinda like the not so popular sibling. Not with my mother, however.

    “Are we at my beach yet?” “Nope…. still in Lake County, Mom.” “Well… Drive faster!”

Yes, my mother has her own “beach”. A sorta love affair on the side from her love for the woods. Don’t judge her! We hopped in the car and drove the hour and a half drive to the west coast via Follow That Dream Hwy. That is a really highway, too. The particular part of the coast we were aiming for was a sleepy little town called Yankeetown. On our way we would stop at some of the reserves and parks on the way. 🙂
We were able to arrive shortly before sundown and get just amazing photos. The sunset, some shrimping boats and the more marsh like beach line that the west coast has rather than the cliche idea of a beach the east coast brings to mind.

West coast lie down

Sandy Beaches

Rocky beach (450x600)

Rich Umbers (450x600)At Sunset

If you look closely on the left side right behind the little island out there is a shrimping boat. Those are fun. Haha. My mother has many many dreams and one of these dreams is to own land right along side this beach and to have a shrimping boat.

She really liked the name of the boat "Neptune's Pride".

She really liked the name of the boat “Neptune’s Pride”.

After that we left, but of course on the way home we had to stop at the different parks and reserves dotted along the ride home!

obscure camp groud

Cypress Knees

Cypress Knees

Some fancy cypress knees all decked out in daisies. :3

Some fancy cypress knees all decked out in daisies. :3

20130315_141846_HDR (915x1220) (450x600)

These boots have been waiting to make their way back to Disney for too long...

These boots have been waiting to make their way back to Disney for too long…

20130315_150521 (915x1220) (450x600)

This flower was actually smaller than a dime. ... I love my phone.

This flower was actually smaller than a dime. … I love my phone.

The next day, I’m woken by a phone call from my mom. “Lara, I’m going to Save-A-Lot and when I get home we are going walking. Wake up and take a shower.”

Hm… Okay? haha. I didn’t know if my butt could handle any more sitting in the driver’s seat. No worries, turns out we were going to the Lake Norris Conservation Area, just a short fifteen minute drive away.

See, that is the funny part about where I live exactly is if I need to go Wal*Mart, or the mall, or even just your generic grocery store is a solid twenty minutes drive to even an hour in the seat. But if we need to go to the “middle of nowhere”, haha. Just walk down the driveway. Bam. No annoying kids – are we there yet? Are we there yet? What about now? Are we there yet? 

Ladies and gents, I now give you Lake Norris!

Does this not look a meeting of forest kings?

Does this not look a meeting of forest kings?

20130321_160413 (700x525)Milk Thistle


Since my grandfather has fallen ill, and my dog’s tumor burst, we haven’t had the opportunity to go out like we did last month. We had one more outing to Hooton Island, and we went for a walk around Lake Jessop near my sister’s property on Easter. The next chapter will include the photos from these outings.

So! Tell me what you think! I hope you enjoyed the pictures and if you have any tips or comments please let me know. Whether they are about the photos themselves, how I write these particular posts or perhaps suggestions for places to go! Please comment away.

I have a Twitter that I update pretty frequently now and am finally starting to get the hang of it! Come follow me @LaraInStitches, and start a conversation!

Lastly, I would like to thank all the kind people who have sympathized and reached out to me following my posting of Pretty Princess.

William at Living with ADHD and Trice at Sew Tell have been so kind to me, please go show their awesome blogs some love!

Now, I am off to take pictures of my finished Hummingbird Dress!


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