Take A Walk On the Wild Side! Chapter One


   Rodnam Dam

It can be fun to take a walk on the wild side!

In a recent post I mentioned my mother dragging out to door and into the wild for some good old fashioned Hippie Therapy. You know, running through the flowers and spinning in the breeze?

For our first trip out we went all the way out to the Rodman Dam on the Ocklawaha River and the areas and parks surrounding, and it was gorgeous.

Experimenting with Panorama camera on my S3 was a lot of fun!

Experimenting with Panorama camera on my S3 was a lot of fun!

Mom told me the reason she wanted me to go out there was for when Mike (we patched things up!!) came down again and maybe we could camp out rather than lock away at a Disney Resort. I was in such a daze at the time from shutting down from everything, I took as the full face truth. So, I walked around taking pictures of everything, trying to ignore the looks I was getting spectators atop the dam (I keep adding that extra ‘n’ out of habit. Bad habit! Fix that, Lara!!), and those fishing from the cypress shores. It was very beautiful and that certainly helped me feel quite easier about it all.

I noticed a couple quirky things. A bit out from the base of the dam was a line of buoys obviously meaning, “you shall not pass!” with birds perched from one end all the way to the other side when we arrived. I tried getting a clear pictures, but this will have to do.

Gave a feeling in the back of my neck in line with an Alfred Hitchcock film...

Gave a feeling in the back of my neck in line with an Alfred Hitchcock film…

There was a lot of driving done that day. Rodman Dam is roughly about an 1.75 – 2 hours depending on your speeding morals. 😉

When I was in high school, my mom would say all the time, “Girrrlll, you need to learn to drive! I want to be able to look around for once!” Haha. Fun fact, she was terrified of teaching any of us kids to drive, so we had to take the car and teach ourselves on our dirt roads out here in the country. And once I did get it down, it benefited us both! My mind takes in and requires so many things for once, otherwise I get bored and don’t pay attention at all, haha. So, I actually take in more while driving than if I was in the passenger seat, so Mom was more than happy to hop into that spot and get her look around.

Anyways, moving on!

After Rodman dam we went down to where the old wooden bridge used to be underneath the current bridge, before it burned down. Gorgeous vibrant greens and blues, rich brown and blue shadows falling and accenting the luscious Florida waking to Spring.

I love the reflection of the wide green leaves on the water.

I love the reflection of the wide green leaves on the water.

The air was so clear, and even with all my lung issues as of late, I could actually feel like when I took a breath it was nice and full. Not these simpering little half breaths that are followed by sighs that do no where near the job of oxygen intake I need! The flowers were blooming every where and I discovered when playing with all the fantastic settings and options on the camera of the S3, I noticed I could changed my zoom settings to something besides “Auto focus”. There you are, Macro!! I was looking for you everywhere! Once I changed that the pictures were so much better with much richer saturation and hues.

I mean, look at these!

I'm not the biggest fan of flowers, but I love daisies in almost every variation.

I’m not the biggest fan of flowers, but I love daisies in almost every variation.

Little raccoon paws on the edge of the water. So cute!

Cypress Knee

    Down one path by the boat launch where you could launch a small boat onto this section of the Ocklawaha, were these build ups of cypress and cypress knees. Gorgeous and some were very interesting shapes and characters like this one! If you look around in this next pan, you should be able to see all the wacky shapes and my tiny mom in the corner. Haha.

Oklawaha pan

That Ol' Bridge

    Now, I could be very wrong, or very right on this one but if I remember what mom said correctly, the Ocklawaha Bridge burnt down during the only Civil War battle to happen in Marion County, Florida. There are remnants as pictured here as well as the burnt down remains of the Bridge Keeper’s cabin just off the bend. Which sadly, I could not reach for pictures.

   And so that ended our day out on the Rodnam Dam region of the Ocklawaha River and we  followed this gorgeous road back out to SR 19.

Down the winding road

    For our next adventure my mother and I trek it all the way out to the West Coast Beaches of Florida, formally Yankeetown along the Follow That Dream Highway (yes, that is its real name), and the Lake Norris Conservation Area! The second was much closer to us, and my numb bum was very thankful for that! Tune in for chapter two for more hiking, more “Mom, we’re lost again!”, and more pictures like these!

Milk ThistleSandy BeachesMeeting of the Kings

   P.S. Please, comment below and let me know what you guys think! I would love to hear any feed back and get a conversation going! Tips on the photos I am taking, any editing that needs to be done – photo or content wise! Anything! I love constructive criticism and a chance to grow as a writer, creator, and person in all! I also have made a Twitter (for the first time at a real shot!) @LaraInStitches so please take a looksie, send me a tweet and follow me if you please!

Thanks again, and I’ll see you tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “Take A Walk On the Wild Side! Chapter One

    • Thank you! That Damn Dam was a pain in the butt to photograph as well as those birds. I think they were plotting against me, you know?! So, thank you a lot!! I am glad someone loved and appreciated them. 🙂

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