The “Hummingbird Dress”




  My mom took it upon herself to attempt to distract me from all the downs that have been raining around me.

    So, on a Saturday a while back she left a note when she went to Garage sail with Beth, she left me a note.

    On this note was money to pay the phone bill and a bidding to go pick out two patterns and the fabric I wanted to use on each.

    I was so excited and happy. It made my morning and made me so happy.

    My mother and I are two of the same polarization. You would think that means that we get along fabulously – not really. Think about it. I am sure you have done this. Taken two magnets both of the same polarization. Both were “North” or “South”. As long as they were the same. But you could not, no matter the size of your biceps could you bring those things together. If you could, it was never for long and you felt the pain for it afterwards.

   That’s my mother and I.

   Two peas in a pod. And yet because we are so similar we clash horrifically almost all the time. It scares me, honestly. My mother was always afraid for whatever reason to be intimate with her daughter. My three older brothers were a different story. Hugs, kisses. Lots of physically expressed love. I on the other hand, I didn’t get hugs. I wasn’t allowed to walk or stand closer than within her self appointed bubble of two feet all around.

   That was fine. I grew up with that and thought it was normal. It didn’t really click until within the last few years that we werent close.

    But she was still my mother and did love me. And a note like that reminded, well, really let me know that yes, she was seeing and feeling her daughter’s pain and angst. And she didn’t like it.

    So, I picked out the pattern her and I chose when I drove her to Jo Ann’s forever ago to show her the renovated fabric corner they had, along with the fabric we bought that day as well.


    It was a couple weeks before we actually did it however. Instead she got this itch to take me to woods with her every where. That’s another post.

   But we finally finished it! All I have to do is do the hem and figure how much length I want to take off the skirt in general.

Lessons Learned


    1. My mother isn’t nit picky when she cuts the fabric or making sure she follows the pattern exactly.

    I am. Haha. It has to be on the line, and cut in a smooth fashion that will match up perfectly with its twin seam. 

    Maybe one day I will get to her relaxed state. 

    …probably not. Haha. 

    2. She cannot really teach – at all. Our minds process things entirely differently. Of course, if you had been bitten by a coral snake, hit by lightning and tossed down a mountain atop horseback, your brain would work different than most, too. 

    …Yeah, my mother has led quite the life. 

    3. When doing darts, start the dart at the point and work towards the edge. Makes for a very clean dart without the odd puckering and bubbles. 

    4. Your measurements won’t necessarily lock you out of a size. I was/am paranoid about cutting patterns. Why I preferred just jury rigging and drafting my own designs. I am terrified of following a pattern and finding the size was entirely wrong. Plus, it really makes you analyze your body and really judge your “size”. Not very much fun, methinks

    5. Everyone’s body is different. Technically I still wear juniors sized clothing. However in Misses I cut a size twelve and have to take it in from there. Yay for hips! 

    Once I have finished the hem, and clean the cat hair off the poor thing, I will post pictures!


     I can never make a post about a particular topic and stick to that one topic can I…?

    Jumping around again: I took a few very quick photos using a friend’s point and shoot very fast since my phone has decided it doesn’t like the idea of a data cable any more and I can really only include pictures via uploading them to Google Drive. Data munchers everywhere! Pictures are half the fun of this! I am not happy with the angle and the overall presentation of the photos, but I wanted to give you something to peek onto. 

   {Do you like my moustaches? 😉 I have too much fun playing around sometimes, I swear. Haha.}


4 thoughts on “The “Hummingbird Dress”

  1. Oh, my gosh. Just wow. Um, this may seem awkward but I am slightly star struck at the moment. Thank you!! Haha. I loved reading your posts with your comedic, in-your-face flair and I am excited to read what you have in store for in the future!! 😀

    • I fell in love with it too when I saw it in the corner at Jo Anns. It was actually really nice to work with, even though I haven’t worked with much else besides this fabric. Hopefully after the hospital tomorrow I will finally be able to get the hem done and show it off!

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