Well, This Is Awkward


It really has been an unforgivable amount of time and for that… yeah. You may remember that I mostly blogged from my smartphone and the WordPress app. I am not exactly sure what has happened but there seems to be some sort of bug for the mobile WordPress that I am experiencing and I didn’t think to contact assistance until now for whatever ridiculous reason. Hopefully I can resolve this issue soon because I have so much, and so much good and happy things to share with you. Happy things. Leaps and bounds better than the dark spot I was in last.

I haven’t even been able to read, let alone like or comment on any of the wonderful projects and stories shared from you lives and I miss that experience dearly!

Using my phone as a hot spot eats up data like no other so I cannot stay and write too much on my laptop but soon my dears, soon!


2 thoughts on “Well, This Is Awkward

  1. Glad to see you are back.. and Happy?? Am I right about that?
    I wanted to make a longer reply to your other post but I was having problems with responding on my phone. So, I went with the cliff notes version. 🙂

    Looking forward to hearing what you have going on.

    • You are right. 🙂 things are still very rough and unsure but I am starting enough to smooth them out and be happy with how I do it! And I know EXACTLY what you mean by phone problems! ;P I’m sorry my reply didn’t come through. It took a bunch of times just to get it approved so you could know I had seen it. I really appreciated you taking the time and heart to teach out. Thank you. For now and then! ❤

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