Silly Ol’ Bear!


Yes,  yes,  I know I am supposed to posting about the dress that has literally entered my nightmares this last week…

But Valentine’s Day is around the corner!  And being in a long distance relationship,  you have to make that count! 

So for my favorite Firefighter, I made him a teddy bear.


I have quite literally worked my way to this point for close to this month and it took three sewing machines to complete him!


With this project I have learned I can sew in a pretty decently straight line… if I draw the line first.

I used a red velvetine fabric that I lined with a white cotton knit to give a little more shape and presence to my little bear.




I would cut the pieces out,  pin together and sew them so I could treat them as one piece. The white became my “wrong” side from the on.


Sewed him all together and shazam! But… I sewed his arms on backwards. Yikes. Can any of you tell?


This fuzzy bear is going to be my cuddle buddy for the night,  for quality control of course!  Only the best for Mike! 


Let me know what you guys think! 

P.s. It is difficult for me to type a very wordy post,  as I write these blog posts on my phone. I hope no one minds!  I try to make up for it by taking lots of pictures. :]

Anyways,  y’all have a good night and I’ll talk to you more soon.



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