Unlocking My Mind


I am here for another day. Another day, another battle won. I have these times which I refer to as being “stuck inside my head.” Locked away in my mind with these thoughts. Thoughts that have the firearms, while I brought a sling shot.

Don’t bring a knife to a gun fight? Yeah, that’s about right.

Most certainly, I have calmed down from the pain of yesterday. Today, I realized something. Mike is running away. He has tried this before so many times, but I never recognized it until today. And every time eventually we would talk and he would come down from his hiding spot.

He is supposed to call me before he goes to work in about three hours, so we shall see if that is indeed the case this time. I am not getting my hopes up. I have resolved myself to what happened yesterday may be final. And if it is, I will be okay.

There will be pain, I will cry, and I will be scared. But that is life, and I am stronger than that. I have been through so much, to let this be what takes me down.

Neither could I let myself abandoned him when he is so obviously scared of something. Beyond a boyfriend, he has always been my best friend. If I can help him figure out what is wrong, I will. Whether we are together or not.

Moving on. Metaphorically and literally. I pampered myself today. I didn’t get to eat anything “sinful” as Kerrie from Pretty Lady Baby¬†(I finally figured out how to make HTML work on this silly thing!!) suggested. But you did make me feel loads better, thank you. Now I crave Ben & Jerry’s Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream with that graham cracker swirl. Walmart is 45 minutes away! Darn.

Back to what I was talking about! ( Bad A.D.D. Behave!) I took a nice long and hot shower. Reorganized my craft space, my make up and changed out my bed set. Whenever I am depressed I feel changing what I sleep in changes the aura in my room. Kinda like knocking the dust from a dirty rug. It just dispels all the depressive and negative energy, allowing me start fresh and turn my head in the right direction.

I still haven’t been to sleep, but I definitely feel a lot better and I won’t be able to sleep anyways until I can talk to him and figure out what is going on. That is just the way my head works.

I would like to take this moment to say thank you to all the kind people who read, liked and followed my blog following the posting of my previous post Of Failed Relationships and Pork Chops. Those actions, though small helped to comfort me when I was down and in pain. I was reliving all those memories of being bullied and realizing that bullying had followed me to my job mounted on top of the pain of the break up. I keep wanting to avoid referring to it as a break up. He never actually said those words. Of course half the time he couldn’t admit to a relationship to break up in! Denial? From both of us I think.

So, thank you, to all of you.

I think I can probably say you guys may be one of the reasons I am still hear to say thank you today. For that, I am forever grateful.

I will be spending extra cuddling and loving my cats tonight. Well, just Kit. Ganache isn’t very touchy feely.

My cuddle buddy, KitKit or aka KiKi.

My cuddle buddy, KitKit or aka KiKi.

I have also learned, that for posting it is best to go to Admin and dashboard and post from there. That is why I couldn’t figure out how to make captions for my pictures or to link properly! No matter what kind of coding I played with it wouldn’t work. Well, I figured out how to make it work now!

This is where I bring my words to a close. I probably won’t be posting crafts for a while until I can straighten myself out a bit more. I will craft, but not until I feel that these crafts were not born of sadness or negative energy. I do want to try making this pretty cool thermos grip I saw along with a few other things.

Ta ta for now!

Little Things Add Up Eventually


So, to my surprise, a little bit ago the¬†magnificent¬†Trice nominated my blog and others for the Liebster Blog Award! Trice, you’re making me blush! I am so very flattered by this nomination and I love what this blog award does. At least for me, it brought a feeling of rejuvenation, inspiration, and well… just an over all feeling of Joy. Yeah, ¬†Joy with a capital “J”. I started this blog as a way of release and a manner of self therapy of sorts. I need something to nurture and concentrate on through the days.

So, thank you, Trice. I greatly appreciate your consideration and taking the time to reach out to me, and all of us whom you nominated. :]

Now on to the official stuff!


Now folks, there are just five simple rules and they all revolve around the number eleven.

  1.  Nominees must link back to the blogger who awarded them
  2.  Write 11 random facts about yourself
  3.  Answer 11 questions asked by the blogger who nominated you
  4.  Nominate 11 new blogs that has less than 200 followers
  5.  Ask them 11 new questions

Now, with the nominating new blogs part… I would like to comment that some bloggers I contacted had chosen to decline. I cannot find or understand as to a reason why, but that is their choice, I am just way, way too curious for my own good! Haha. Others have also chosen not to respond. But that’s okay! I tried, and some just don’t find this is for them. :] Those who have replied will be included and I am so excited for them and this bouquet of fun that will be tossed their way!

11 Random Facts About Me

Well, this should be fun. Haha. Okay. And… start!


Close enough.

1. I have this quirk, I guess you could say, that if anyone touches my nose – like “Boop! I booped your nose!” I have to rub and rub at my nose til this weird feeling or itch goes away. It drives me nuts, but Mike laughs his but off seeing how many times he can get away with it.

2. I am all for healthy eating and trying to go all natural, all that hype. But, I cannot deny a Sausage, Egg and cheese McMuffin from McDonald’s. Nope. Just can’t. I love those things.

3. If you try to make me try something new, I sniff it before I will ever even think of tasting what you are advocating. If I don’t like the smell, I will reject this offering whole heartedly and will probably never trust your taste in food again. ;] Unless it is pho. Try it a couple times and then you’re addicted and the smell or the thought of the smell will literally make you go through withdrawal.

4. My brother lived in Japan for five years at the Kanagawa Naval base while posted aboard a Naval cruise ship there. As a result, I learned in high school how to speak Japanese for the most part. As it has been close to seven years though since I have had a conversation in Japanese, yeah, I forgot most of what I learned. Along with what Spanish I learned in those years, too. But every once in a while apparently, I say these “Asian thing-ers” as Mike calls them. Supposedly this is how he tells if I am moody or sick. Weirdo. Total Weirdo.

5. Throughout my entire middle school and high school years, everyone believed I was going to go to law school and become a lawyer. Yup, I was the one with the sass mouth that argued your pittance if you did anything to cross me.

6. Two favorite shows on TV when I was able to watch them : Criminal Minds, and Doctor Who. In regards to the good Doctor, 9 and 10 all the way! Come on! Tenant had the most adorable freckles to go with his quirkiness. I am sorry he still hasn’t gotten to be a ginger. Poor guy. He wanted it so bad!

7. All the pictures of all my posts previous to “May I put you on hold” were taken on my Samsung Galaxy S III. I love that phone. I worship that phone. That was my computer, my connection to everything. And the camera is just amazing. Even when I looked at my posts on my laptop the pictures were still focused and crisp and beautiful.

8. Speaking of photos, I am not one of those that since the dawn of instagram, believe I am a photographer simply because of a filter. If any of my photos were edited, I went into an editor and manually fiddled with the saturation, the brightness, the contrast, black and white constrast. But most of the time, the angle and lighting I choose does all the work.

9. There is a bar near where I live called Turkleton’s Tavern. I went there this past Thursday and ordered an appletini. Or apple martini. If you can guess why, you are an amazing taste in television that I adore. Comment down below if you can guess, please!!

10. I have one of Mike’s hoodies from when he was in NJROTC in high shcool and I can’t sleep without it. Yup. Loser, I know.

11. Once you get me started, I rarely shut up. Well, I might get quiet, but then I see a squirrel and run after that. Then come back and jabber about how I love squirrels. Haha. Seriously. I love squirrels. I found an albino one at Cornado Springs and I took a video of him for about 4 minutes. If I can get to a solid enough internet connection, maybe I will upload it. :]

The 11 Questions Trice had for her nominees:

1. What is your favorite part about blogging?

My favorite part about blogging is that connection and motivation. There is such a community amongst bloggers and their circles within. To me, that is especially important. Blogging for me is a release and almost in a way, therapeutic. Just letting go all these crazy thoughts in my head and the creations that have been born from them.

2. What is your favorite type of food?

Comfort food, for sure. Pho. Mashed Potatoes. Chicken and Gnocci soup from Olive Garden (Heaven!). I have never been one for the sophisticated flavors. Yes, I was a chef. Classic and pastry. I loved to create the dishes and desserts, but you could rarely get me to reach for that plate. Comfort food, chuck full of carbs. Yeah…
Crap. Now I want pho.

3. What was the most embarrassing outfit or item of clothing/accessory you have wore in your life?

Hm… believe it or not, when I was twelve, I had an entire pink outfit I wore to school once. Pink 3/4 sleeve shirt, bright pink capris, and I wore pink socks with my sneakers. Why? I thought that was how you color coordinated. If it was all one color, no way could things mismatch! Yeah. That had a one day debut on the first day of sixth grade. I learned my lesson right quick. Yikes.

4. What song do you currently have on repeat?

Fat Bottomed Girls by Queen. Oh,yes. I grew up on this. Whenever I get frustrated or stuck on anything, I either toss in Queen’s Greatest Hits, Aerosmith, AC/DC or Jethro Tull. Fat Bottomed Girls happens to be quite the favorite.

5. I scream, you scream, we all scream for _____?

ICE CREAM! But then I ask for sorbet. Yeah. Blood Orange or Raspberry. There is this brand at Publix that just makes my mouth water. We used these two flavors at an event I organized the dinner for and they were just… phenomenal. But yeah, ice cream can be the bomb diggity. “Bomb diggity”? Why, Lara, why?

6. What is your 9-5 job?

I work at the Magic Kingdom, located within the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida. Technically it resides within Lake Buena Vista for Epcot, Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios. But Kissimmee, Florida is where Animal Kingdom resides. Different sales tax and everything!

7. If you could go back to any time in history when would that be and why?

Ooh… toughy. Hm… Wouldn’t it be awesome if someone went back and found out how the Egyptians built the pyramids, and their grand chariots? I think I would have also have liked to have gone back to the era right before the Samurai “went” out of fashion in Japan. Do you think I would be lucky enough to meet a ninja? Dang. I cannot make up my mind. You know what this question makes me think of? “Would you rather be the Doctor or his companion?” BOOM. Instant debate. “How do you feel about how some compare the recent works of Moffat to Twilight?” Whovian, me? Possibly.

8.Who is your favorite blogger?

Hm… outside WordPress, I love the blog of a woman whom resides at Shutter Bean. It is a food based blog with a strong vein of photography and her photos are glorious!
But on WordPress, I would have to say one of my favorite bloggers (as we all know I can never make up my mind) would be one that I came across this morning. Simply for her utter talent. “Angela’s Anime and other arts”. She drafts, drapes and comes up with her own cosplay patters from a drawing guys. A DRAWING. And the results are just gorgeous. And I am so jealous. So very jealous. I hope one day I can accumulate such ease on completing such a triumph at that.

9. Do you have any goals for 2013?

One word: college. I want to finally get started on college. I graduated from high school almost three years ago, but life… simply got in the way. I had to take care of my mom, which I still do and I was also running my boyfriend-of-the-time’s bakery. I tried to make that work, but sometimes you just can’t work with stupid. Now am I referring to the boy are the bakery? Heh.

10. What hobby takes up most of your attention?

Funny question. See, I have this thing called A.D.D. So, I guess you could say that takes all of my attention. ;] But really? It is a du jour fashion. I rotate different hobbies and when I am on a roll it takes over everything. So be it painting, writing, making stuff with duct tape, sewing, making jewelry or any other of my 101 other hobbies, I am usually spread out amongst all of them.

11. What is your favorite book that you can read over and over again?

Anything of Piers Anthony. Journey to the Center of the Earth, by Jules Verne. Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Oh, the list goes on forever and ever and ever. I am a very healthy book nerd. I was the kid in class with the backpack instead of being full of textbooks, had about 8-11 different novels or papers backs I was working through.

Now! My questions for you!

1. I referenced this when I answered Trice’s question regarding a trip back in time. For you Whovians out there – would you prefer to the Doctor with the Sonic Screw Driver, or the companion? Or worded in a different way; would you rather be Sherlock Holmes or Dr Watson?

2. What is your strangest quirk?

3. Do you have a super pet peeve and where do you think it developed from?

4. What is the strangest food you have ever been introduced to?

5. You have a hobby yes? More than likely sew? Yes? Well, I want to know what part about this hobby do you hate the most? You love this activity, you have an amazing time, but there is just one part you really wish you could avoid. What is that? I am so curious to know these kinds of things!

6. Do you prefer to buy generic or brand name? Even indie brands.

7. Do you prefer to go shopping via the internet or the actual sales location?

8. What is the hardest part and easiest part of blogging for you?

9. Do you have any tips to offer to other apsiring bloggers and writers/crafters/people?

10. Do you have an accent into relation where you are from? Say, southern if you’re from the south. The like.

11. What is your favorite snack to nibble on?

Now! For the moment you all have been waiting for! My nominations!



Samantha Nicolette



Everyone should most definitely visit the blogs of these lovely people. They all very creative, talented and so deserving of your time and attention! I cannot wait to read what y’all have to say and look forward to any posts of treasure you have for us in the future!

I must say thank you again to the amazing lady, Trice for taking part in this and nominating me! Thank you very, very much!

Have a happy and magical night everyone!


Silly Ol’ Bear!


Yes,¬† yes,¬† I know I am supposed to posting about the dress that has literally entered my nightmares this last week…

But Valentine’s Day is around the corner!¬† And being in a long distance relationship,¬† you have to make that count!¬†

So for my favorite Firefighter, I made him a teddy bear.


I have quite literally worked my way to this point for close to this month and it took three sewing machines to complete him!


With this project I have learned I can sew in a pretty decently straight line… if I draw the line first.

I used a red velvetine fabric that I lined with a white cotton knit to give a little more shape and presence to my little bear.




I would cut the pieces out,¬† pin together and sew them so I could treat them as one piece. The white became my “wrong” side from the on.


Sewed him all together and shazam! But… I sewed his arms on backwards. Yikes. Can any of you tell?


This fuzzy bear is going to be my cuddle buddy for the night,  for quality control of course!  Only the best for Mike! 


Let me know what you guys think! 

P.s. It is difficult for me to type a very wordy post,  as I write these blog posts on my phone. I hope no one minds!  I try to make up for it by taking lots of pictures. :]

Anyways,¬† y’all have a good night and I’ll talk to you more soon.