Dipping the Toes in, To Getting Tossed In


Well, I have always been creative and a notion for the crafty.  Going into department stores and boutiques always felt irritating and filled with frustration.  Dropping all this money on something I won’t ever entirely enjoy or feel like it is really expressing my style.

Recently,  I got really sick. I have always had some health issue or other popping up,  but I hadn’t been locked down like this before. Thus,  not being able to work and that leads to a lot of extra time. Plus, being away from the high stress/negative environment that was my job,  led to me gaining some much needed weight that I had lost when I started working there. Thus – none of my clothes no longer fit. Let’s call this a pinch of foreshadowing.


So,  to do something nice for my mom,  I decided to try fixing up mom’s old sewing machine. Which then caught fire. And then her second one, a husky 215 I believe,  the feed dogs were entirely messed up and just ate the fabric. I had the inspiration to make a teddy bear for my boyfriend for Valentine’s Day from a warm brown velvetine I had tucked away. Whenever I went to use the machine,  I had to layer two sheets of thinking pad paper as I call it. The very large pads used in offices and meetings.


Anyways,  I had to use two sheets layered undeeneath and pinned to the fabric itself other wise the feed dogd would just nom that stuff up,  the bastards. And then carefully tear away the now handy perforated paper and pick away the tiny paper dust caught in the stitches. Yay for now loose stitches!

Third time really is the charm. A friend of my mother found a sewing machine at an auction and nabbed it for $10. And it is beautiful. Works like a dream. But there isn’t a designer name to be found. Must be why it only cost $10!


I used my noggin and figured out how to sew a line pouch with a zipper.  Yeah… I had to open a seam after I realized I need the zipper opened halfway so I could actually pull the external fabric throuhh and thus turn the entiee thing right side out, pain in the butt. But I got it finally and the thing came out gorgeous!

So,  I got the new sewing machine and ready to finish the damn bear. I had completed the body and head with the husky star,  I just had to attach the two together!

Ready to go!

Where’s the head?  With hand sewn buttons and a hand made nose from gluing with a shoddy glue gun, and then hand sewn through glue to attach to the face.

Awesome. I have redone this bear over twenty times thanks to the machine and my popular move of sewing right to wrong side. I persevere,  and got a new seeing machine!  And now I can’t find the head. Anywhere. Forget you,  bear! I don’t need this kind of abuse!



I’m onto better and bigger things…



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